Celtic board's promise to review things in January isn't good enough for disconnected supporters

By David Walton

December 8, 2020

The Celtic board’s statement yesterday had everything you would expect in a Celtic board statement.

It was lifeless, meaningless, and without any genuity whatsoever. They gave a feebled attempt at trying to rally the Celtic support by announcing their full backing for Neil Lennon and stressing the importance of togetherness.

However, there was a cute bone thrown in there for disgruntled supporters – of which there are many at the moment. The following paragraph particularly stood out for me:

“Whilst it has been suggested that it is time for a change, at this stage in the season the Board believes that Neil and his management team are best placed to turn the team’s performances around and lead us on to success. The Board continues to work closely with Neil and his team to support them as they seek to do so and progress will be reviewed in the new year.”

And there’s that bone. This promise that if things don’t improve then things will be looked at “in the new year”. Or, to be frank, after we’ve been beaten at Ibrox. Sure, we all hope Neil and the Bhoys can rally and bag a surprising win in Govan to turn the season around, but not many will be betting on that.

At that stage, Celtic could be as many as 19 points behind with three games in-hand. If we win them, we could be sitting 10 points behind. That’s the same points total that we won the league by last season (assuming Rangers won their game in hand) and laughed off the idea that our rivals could’ve turned it around.

The season is being risked; but the board doesn’t care

This bone that’s been tossed just reads like a board who are happy to risk the season just to give their mate some more time. And even if they genuinely believe Neil can turn things around, it doesn’t matter – they’re still risking our season.

I’m personally sick of the “well who else can we get” argument. If you’re telling me that Celtic’s best option at the minute is someone who’s overseen two wins in 12 and has us 13 points behind our rivals then God help us.

This idea that things will be reviewed in the new year is supposed to make disillusioned supporters think “Oh good, well that’s not too long away. We’ll just sit tight and see what happens until then”. But that’s not what it’s done. Look at the reaction to the statement on Twitter for example, the fans are absolutely livid.

Peter Lawwell watches Celtic in action / (Photo by Alan Harvey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Sticking by Lennon until the new year has only disconnected us further from the club. It hasn’t brought unity; instead, it’s only increased the divide.

And it’s not just this season that’s been put at risk here either. It’s nine years of hard work that’s being almost flushed down the drain. Yes those trophies won over the last decade will never be lost or stripped from us, but it was all to build up to this moment. To this season. This season that the board are happy to effectively disregard so that Neil can stay in the hotseat.

If the Parkhead hierarchy think they’ve satisfied anyone by taking another look again after Ibrox, they’re in for a shock.

In other news, a USA sporting director has namechecked Celtic and claimed his player may not be Parkhead-bound.