Celtic boss confirms club's winter break plans; asked about warm-weather training camp

By David Walton

December 23, 2021

Celtic boss Ange Postecolou has finally addressed whether the club will be going on a warm-weather training camp this January.

The Hoops suffered a nightmare saga after taking a trip to Dubai in the middle of the pandemic last season. This led to a host of Covid-related absences which would subsequently see us drop key points in the title race.

Once again, the pandemic is getting worse in Scotland and the UK once more. The new Omicron variant is ripping through the country and is believed to be more transmissible than previous variants.

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And thankfully, when asked about the club’s January break plans, Postecoglou confirmed the first-team squad will be going nowhere this year.

Speaking to Sky Sports after last night’s 0-0 draw against St Mirren, Postecoglou said: “Yeah I just think we’ll do our work here. It makes sense. We’ve got to use our time wisely and we don’t want to put unnecessary risk on our players or the club.

“It’s valuable time we have to get the team up and ready for the second half of the year and I think it makes sense to stay here.”

St. Mirren 0-0 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

St. Mirren 0-0 Celtic | LIVE Reaction
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Celtic need to use winter break wisely; Hoops can’t afford anymore slips

It feels like we get into this position every year. We seem to slip behind our rivals in the title race and find ourselves needing to refuel badly over the winter break. Therefore, you could’ve understood the inkling to return to Dubai or head elsewhere in the coming weeks.

After all, Dubai in particular is said to be the source of Celtic’s second-half of the year renaissance. We go there, drink the magic water, and return a relentless winning machine. Well this year, we’ll have to make do without the foreign jaunts.

And it’s great to see Ange bring some common sense to the discussion too. There’s absolutely no reason that Celtic should need a warm-weather training camp badly enough that we would put our players at risk.

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It looks as though the club has learned its lesson from last season. You could easily say that Dubai trip ironically led to the beginning of the end of our season. Things only got worse and worse from there on in.

So it’s ideal we aren’t going anywhere this year. Postecoglou will surely just be happy to get this hellish run of games out the road and give his stars some time to recuperate.

For when we return, any more slip-ups could be the final nail in the coffin of our title hopes. Hopefully, we see the kind of resurgence we often come to expect at the turn of the year.

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