Celtic boss explains what rival supporters keep coming up and telling him

By David Walton

May 8, 2022

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has stated that Rangers supporters keep coming up to him and telling him who they support when they introduce themselves.

Postecoglou has become a cult figure at Celtic Park as he looks set to cement his first year with a league and cup double.

But it’s not just the fact he’s about to secure that achievement that has blown everyone away. It’s his conduct and mannerisms too. He’s refused to resort to bitter tactics or the calling out of referees. Instead, he’s taken the rough with the smooth and powered through.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

So much so that even rival supporters have a strong respect for him. And as Ange revealed what happens when they come up to say hello to him, he’s revealed what they always seem to start the conversations with.

As quoted by the Scottish Sun, Postecoglou said: “I haven’t had any negative interactions — whether it’s Rangers supporters or other supporters, everybody’s been fine. People feel the need to declare their allegiance when they meet me, which I find pretty amusing. They’ll come up and say, ‘Look, I’m a Rangers supporter’, which they don’t have to say — they could just say ‘G’day’ or ‘Hello’.

“But people have been very respectful to me and I try to be the same. I represent this football club and I’ll back this club in every corner, every contest, every fight we have. But I’ll always have respect for the opposition.

“I’ll always know there’s a manager in the other dugout who’s going through the same trials and tribulations. I hope people see that in me. They can want me to fail miserably but still respect the fact I’m still involved in this contest.”

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Celtic boss happy to interact with respectful rival supporters

The Celtic boss isn’t one to dismiss rival supporters simply because they support an opposition team. Far from it, that’s not what he’s all about and it shouldn’t be what anyone is all about in truth.

Postecoglou is happy to interact with rival supporters so long as they’re respectful. You have to admire that. There would be plenty of managers who simply wouldn’t give fans of another team all that much time.

Also, the fact that he hasn’t had any negative reactions since his arrival says a lot about him and how he’s conducted himself in Glasgow. The truth is, he hasn’t actually said or did anything that should really infuriate rival fans. Outside of simply being a success for his football club, there’s no reason for opposite supporters to hate Ange.

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It’s fair to say there have been plenty of Celtic managers in the past who wouldn’t have been able to leave their house very often without receiving aggro. Postecoglou doesn’t look to be one of them.

It says a lot about him and how he’s conducted himself during his first year in Glasgow. There were initial fears over how he would adapt to life in Scotland and the footballing environment here given they both differed greatly from Japan. But the truth is he’s taken to it like a duck to water.

Hopefully, come Wednesday night at the latest, we’re toasting a more than deserved title triumph.

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