The Glasgow derby celebrations have been at the forefront of Scottish football discussion over the last week.

Rangers have been angry that Celtic fans were celebrating in front of them at Celtic Park. Whilst players must always have an element of common-sense about their actions, Rangers tried to blame that for their own supporters’ behaviour.

Every grown-up who attends a football match are responsible for their own actions. Regardless of whether you feel goaded or wound-up, you must act responsibly.

Celtic have enjoyed winding Rangers up in the past (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

On that day, the Rangers fans who trampled down to try and get to Leigh Griffiths didn’t act responsibly. Instead, they let venomous hatred block their common-sense – injuring disabled fans in the process.

So, after all that, Rangers decided to take a stance against celebrating in front of the opposition. They took the morale high ground and were sticking with it. Fair enough, if that’s what they believe then that’s what they believe.

Now, however, Celtic have free reign to do what they like at Ibrox. Why? Because of Rangers’ celebrations at Tynecastle yesterday.

When Connor Goldson and Alfredo Morelos scored for Rangers, they celebrated in front of the Hearts fans. Not in a respectful way either, but in a goading way despite their stance on that kind of thing.

It’s fine for one team but not the other?

Andy Halliday was also guilty of throwing his face into the Hearts supporters to try and wind them up. It was a bit of a classless move, but more importantly is was hypocritical.

It throws Rangers’ idea of celebrating with integrity out of the window. Of course, it’s not as if Celtic would’ve listened to what Rangers had to say anyway. Their players and supporters would’ve lapped it up all the same and goaded the Rangers fans regardless.

Celtic have won four out of four at Ibrox since Rangers’ return (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Now, however, Rangers have shot themselves in the foot and have no defence against it when Celtic do. The Hoops no longer need to have any fear of being painted as the big bad wolf in this scenario.

There was nothing wrong with how Rangers celebrated their goals at Tynecastle either. If you get stick from fans then you’re entitled to give a bit back after scoring against them.

What it did to, however, was take away Rangers’ right to complain when Celtic do the same.

Ibrox will be interesting on December 29th, but the celebrations themselves even more so after yesterday.

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