A Shane Duffy 'will he, won't he' permanent Celtic signing saga can't develop; he dodged first questions perfectly

By David Walton

September 10, 2020

As Shane Duffy sat down for his first-ever press conference as a Celtic player, he was met by a question that he would likely be met with a lot if the media had their way.

Unsurprisingly, his seat barely had the chance to get warm before he was asked by one journalist whether he wanted to stay here permanently after his loan spell ends.

Duffy responded by saying on Celtic TV: “I’m not sure yet what the actual plan is. Obviously I’m still contracted to Brighton and it’s down to them at the end of the day. I’m just here this season to go and enjoy myself and hopefully I’ll have a successful time here.”

Shane Duffy playing for his former club Brighton (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

Sure, it’s a valid question. And in fairness, it’s something that the Celtic supporters will have wanted the press in attendance to ask. But that should be that. The question has been answered and it doesn’t need revisiting.

It’s pretty clear that Duffy doesn’t yet know what Brighton’s plans are for him in the long-term as well as whether a deal can even be feasible for both parties.

Celtic, therefore, must make sure that the rest of the season isn’t dominated by questions and speculation on the player’s future. The last thing we need as supporters is to have our potential number one centre-back being distracted by constant attention over where he’ll spend the next several years.

All focus must remain on our on-field objectives

This is the season of our lives. All focus must 100% be on achieving our goals on the pitch. If that works out, then we can start trying to figure out whether Duffy is here for the long term.

It also isn’t fair on the supporters either. There are many in our fanbase who would look at certain comments or glimmers of hope and will get excited by them.

It’s not right that they have to continually be teased on whether Duffy is staying in Glasgow or not. We don’t want another Robbie Keane mark 2.

Shane Duffy in action for Ireland (Photo By Alex Nicodim/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Whenever Duffy is reeled out in front of the media for press conferences or interviews, it should be categorically stated that no questions will take place regarding the player’s future.

We need tunnel vision this season, and that means no silly distractions.

Duffy was asked about his future within minutes of sitting down for his first press conference. Celtic should do what they can to ensure that it’s one of the last.