Celtic colt team won't be joining senior ranks - Report

By David Walton

February 24, 2019

Celtic have reportedly suffered a blow as plans to introduce a colt team into League Two has been booted out.

According to the Sunday Mail, a meeting involving 20 League One and League Two clubs seen them vote on the matter. Proposals to send Celtic and Rangers colt teams into the league subsequently didn’t receive a single vote from anyone.

Alternative plans to put Celtic and Rangers colt sides into a FIFTH tier have also been rejected. The only club to approve that idea is Albion Rovers. The league would’ve seen Celtic and Rangers’ youths joined by teams from the Highland and Lowland Leagues.

Celtic and Rangers colt teams aren’t welcome in League Two (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Considering Rovers are sitting bottom of Scottish League Two, it’s no surprise that they’re interested in it.

Difficult to come back from a vote this heavy

The clubs in the lower leagues have made their thoughts on this clear. They simply don’t want Celtic or Rangers having any form of side in their league.

You can see their train of thought here too. Firstly, they wouldn’t want to move Celtic/Rangers’ youths into their league just so the bigger clubs can benefit from it. It demeans the competition a tad, and you can see why those clubs could find it disrespectful to just waltz into the league.

Celtic’s colt team have several impressive youngsters in it (Ian MacNicol/Getty images)

Then there’s the fact that the Highland/Lowland league is being demeaned too. The teams from non-league football work hard all season to get a shot at promotion to League Two. If Celtic and Rangers were simply allowed to just go in unchallenged, you could see why they would find that unfair.

But there’s no denying the benefits it could also have on the youngsters. Whilst the reserve league remains a positive step for competitive football, it still isn’t a patch on the senior game.

Clubs are fighting for their lives and careers at the bottom of Scottish football. For youngsters to be competing with them on a consistent basis would be a massive boost for their physical development.

Regardless, it doesn’t look likely to happen anymore. The teams in Leagues One and Two have spoken. Once again, they’ve shown absolutely zero desire to have a Celtic colt side in their division, and they’ve shown it in convincing fashion.