Celtic colts plan to reportedly fall through in frustrating fashion

By David Walton

March 17, 2021

The plan involving Celtic and Rangers colts being integrated into League Two next season looks to be doomed before it’s sent to the floor, according to the Daily Record.

The Record states that the plan, which would see both clubs’ youth teams unable to be promoted beyond League One, is set to be out to the SPFL board on March 22nd.

If it succeeds, it will then be put forward to the SFA board two days later. However, even if both of those votes pass, it’s still likely to be squashed.

This is due to the fact that any final vote will be between all of the clubs. This would be due to take part in mid-April, the Record says. And, unfortunately, if it gets that far, it’s believed that it would be very unlikely to get past the clubs.

The plan would’ve involved an expanded League Two competition in which 16 teams competed. Clubs across the lower-leagues would also be in line for a financial bonus if the plan was allowed to go ahead.

Lower league clubs have expressed mixed emotions about Celtic and Rangers colts plan

There’s hardly been an overwhelmingly positive response to the plans from lower league representatives. Peterhead manager Jim McInally was furious with the prospect of it back in January [Evening Express].

However, not all of the reaction has been negative. Caledonian Braves manager Ricky Waddell was open to it [Daily Record]. The same goes for East Kilbride manager Stevie Aitken [Daily Record]. And this coming from two clubs who weren’t even in line to be financially incentivised by the proposals.

Everyone will have their own views on this. However, it’s more than likely many of the rejected votes will come out of sheer spite. After all, having these colt sides in the lower leagues could do wonders for interest, sponsorship, exposure etc.

Celtic training centre at Lennoxtown / (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

It’s not as if promotion or relegation would’ve been negatively affected either. The Record reports that the rejected votes are generally down to fans being concerned that their fans would be alienated. To me that sounds like a cop-out. If anything, it would increase interest and give lower-league clubs some tasty fixtures.

Celtic and Rangers can attract higher-quality talent into their academies. Giving them games at senior level from an earlier age helps them to develop further. Than can lead to greater performance from Scottish clubs at European and international level in the long-term. Therefore more money into Scottish football.

That’s the bigger picture here. But, unfortunately, it looks as though nothing is going to get lower-league sides to come around here.

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