Celtic confirm season ticket offering: Prices frozen, £2.5m gesture to fans, Pass to Paradise

By John McGinley

May 26, 2021

Celtic have confirmed their season ticket offering to supporters for the 2021/22 campaign.

In a release this lunchtime the club has provided the following information:

  • Prices are frozen from last year
  • A £50 Celtic retail voucher will be provided with every ticket renewal – this is caveat-free so can be used on new kit etc
  • The club say this retail gesture costs £2.5m
  • A first-team training day will be open to supporters at Celtic Park
  • Pre-season friendlies and a UEFA qualifying match are included
  • Other benefits will be provided including discounts to soccer schools and club tours
  • The Pass to Paradise service will continue

There has been pressure on the club to deliver so-called ‘added value’ in recent months.

Campaigns by The Celtic Trust and Celtic Shared have called on the club to offer shares to all of last season’s ticket holders, but that was rejected by the board last night.

It remains to be seen whether what’s on offer will appease supporters to the extent that sales hold up compared to last term.

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The club needs to win the backing of fans in order to generate the income for a much-heralded squad rebuild under a new manager.

And that brings me to the elephant in the room.

Celtic season ticket offering goes ahead without a manager in place

Regardless of what you think of the value of Celtic’s ticket offering, the fact remains that the club are asking fans to buy in without a vision of what next season entails.

That’s far for from ideal, as I discussed last week in an article titled “Are Celtic about to sell season tickets without a manager in place?”, well the answer is yes.

It really would have been preferable for the club to have had Eddie Howe, or whoever, in the door with a director of football to sell supporters on the new era.

The club will know this. They will also understand the atmosphere this information is being released into.

As far as I can see they’re taking something of a calculated risk knowing that the manager won’t be far away and that in the end ticket sales will hold up. It should be noted that the deadline for renewals isn’t for a while.

We need Celtic fans back inside the stadium / (Photo by Rob Casey / SNS Group via Getty Images)

My information is that the club have had to press ahead with season ticket sales to help pave the way to have fans back in stadiums next season. Season ticket sales come with a whole lot of other demographic information that can be useful for planning future events and liaising with opposition clubs.

All we can hope is that meaningful changes are coming that truly inspire fans to part with their cash.

The deteriorating relationship between club and fans goes far beyond vouchers and money.

In other news, Celtic goalkeeper Conor Hazard makes 3rd consecutive Northern Ireland squad.