Celtic fans' "entitled" label is getting more embarrassing by the week

By David Walton

December 7, 2020

You don’t need to go too far to mock Celtic supporters now considering some of the results our club has had this season alone.

However, there is one that really does stick in my craw. This idea that Celtic fans are entitled is one that seems to have cropped up a lot more recently.

If it isn’t opposition supporters calling us it (Daily Record), it’s pundits and journalists (BBC).

Indeed, the fact that we’ve won 11 consecutive trophies domestically is supposed to make us joyful forever and to never ever protest or question anything the club does for all eternity. Nah, I don’t think so.

Ever since we started being called entitled back when Neil Lennon was first being questioned post-Rangers, things have blown up to a ridiculous level. Let me just type out some stats here.

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13 points behind Rangers in the Premiership. Two wins in 12 games. Five games without a win at Celtic Park. 28 goals conceded in those four games. One Premiership win in our last five games. Three competitions exited.

Are those stats reflective of a successful club?

Tell us now that we’re being self-entitled. Tell us now that we’re being arrogant and bed-wetting because of a couple of results. People who hit out with this kind of nonsense are missing the bigger picture.

When Celtic went on their treble-treble run, I personally don’t feel we got the credit we deserved. Sure, when Brendan Rodgers swept to his first treble back in 2016/17 there was plenty of love and admiration being shown towards the club as well as praise from the media.

However, for me, since then it’s felt as though every league win has been met with nothing more than a pat on the back and a swift focus on the next one. The cup wins being no more than pretty little bits of icing on our big Premiership cake. That’s fine. The reason? Because we all know that 10-in-a-row was what we were working towards.

Celtic boss Neil Lennon vs St Johnstone (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

The fact that 10 was and still is the sole focus of the Celtic support is exactly why we didn’t get the credit we deserved over the last couple of years for our trophy wins. The truth is all eyes have been on this season.

And therefore, when the Celtic supporters started to see signs of Lennon being unable to win what we’ve worked nine years for, you can understand why they were angry. You can understand as to why we would be even more fuming that he hasn’t walked or resigned yet.

Those who called us entitled are being made to look more and more embarrassing the longer this disastrous season goes on like this. It’s never been a crime to want a better Celtic. This football club is an absolute sleeping giant, and we haven’t discovered our full potential since Rodgers left.

Now, the only thing we’re entitled about is our right to demand change. Goodness knows we deserve it.