A new leak of next season’s Celtic jersey is not going down well with some supporters.

The pictures were released by notorious leaker FootyHeadlines yesterday afternoon.

It shows the new jersey to keep the green and white design but some of the hoops are broken up.

Doing so will upset fans like it did back in 2001 when the jersey had to be taken from shelves.

Celtic 2001 jersey had broken Hoops which fans hated. (Photo by Dave Rogers/ALLSPORT)

Celtic jersey is different in design

The Hoops will play their first game in June 29th so a release date will not be too far away.

In recent years, the squad have worn the jersey on the final game of the season – usually a testimonial.

The leaked design shows different sized hoops until the chest where it breaks at the arms.

The sleeves and shoulders appear untouched with any hoops at all and the jersey is complete with an all green collar.

A black New Balance sponsor corresponds to marks of the same colour on the edge of the sleeves.

The same Dafabet logo as this season’s jersey appears on the middle of the top.

Lastly, a single white button appears in the middle of the collar.

Some Celtic fans aren’t supportive

Hoops fans have posted their dislike of the leaked jersey on Twitter to a lot of support.


However, not everyone is in the same boat as the negative fans above.

Some fans will sigh in relief with this leak

There was another leak during the week which showed a fake knock-up jersey.

It had the FootyHeadlines logo on it to help fool fans but the site were quick to distance themselves from it.

The fake jersey showed a clean and traditional Celtic design but the badge had five stars above it.

This would be in reference to the 50th league title the club will win at the end of the season.

However, the stars are synonymous with rivals Rangers who won their 50th title years ago.

Thankfully, this leak only has the one star above the badge linked to the Lisbon Lions’ European Cup triumph.

One star means more and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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