Celtic fans need Murrayfield for future cup finals

By Connor Gordon

November 20, 2018

Celtic must push for a move to Murrayfield for future cup finals to cope with demand.

Many Celtic fans already face being locked out of Hampden due to the amateurish handling of tickets.

The 25,000 allocated have sold out their sections at controversial Hampden Park, the Daily Record report.

Although a very small number of tickets are now on sale, the report adds that fans won’t be allowed a greater amount.

Hampden suits given priority

Hampden’s debenture holders were given priority over the normal fan for the League Cup final.

They were given until Sunday to secure their seat for the game.

Aberdeen knocked out Rangers in the Hampden semi-final. (photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Aberdeen fans have also sold their 18,000 allocation with no hope for more tickets.

Both clubs had to wait on the debenture deadline before being told how many tickets if any would be released.

Murrayfield is the clear solution

Scottish football chiefs decided that remaining at Hampden was best for the future of the nation’s football.

Hampden will continue to be home of Scottish football. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

This was met with a mixed reaction from fans across the country.

In typical Scottish fashion, one of the ties had to be moved to Murrayfield to meet safety requirements.

Celtic and Hearts fans were pleasantly surprised and happy with the stadium in their semi-final match.

Celtic beating Hearts at Murrayfield. (photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

The stadium has the largest capacity in Scotland with the ability to hold 67,144 supporters.

Thus, this would allow extra tickets for both Celtic and Aberdeen fans for the final.

Problems such as debenture holders and clubs begging for every last ticket would be eased.

Fans who really wanted to be at the final would be making the effort to travel to Edinburgh to do so.

A larger and arguably better stadium would increase the spectacle of Scottish football.

Hampden in its current state is past its sell by date and everyone knows it.