Some Celtic fans not showing much love for David Moyes rumour

By David Walton

February 25, 2019

Celtic fans haven’t been too enamoured with this morning’s report from the Daily Mail regarding Davie Moyes.

The source stated that Moyes is a “contender” to replace Brendan Rodgers IF he moves to Leicester. It’s come after the recent speculation regarding Leicester preparing an offer for the Celtic manager.

David Moyes hasn’t been successful for a long time (Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Moyes has been out of work since steering West Ham United to Premier League survival last season. Ill-fated spells at Manchester United, Real Sociedad, and Sunderland came before it, however.

Celtic fans are in no mood to entertain the idea of Rodgers leaving. The Celtic manager himself evidently isn’t either. Yet, despite that, a section of the support have still been reacting to the Moyes-Celtic link. Here’s a quick look at the reaction from Twitter.

Not the name it once was

Ironically enough, there was a time when the name David Moyes would’ve seriously interested Celtic supporters.

During his remarkable 11-year stint as Everton manager, Moyes’ reputation was sky-high. He had shown an incredible ability to continuously rebuild at the Toffees. So much so that when he left, it was to Manchester United.

But since then, his managerial reputation has gone down the pan. Failure to get the players to play for him reportedly led to his removal from Old Trafford. Since then, it’s been a trying time for the former Celtic player.

Moyes was at his peak with Everton (Paul Thomas/Getty Images)

Moyes was, of course, just the fourth Premier League manager to rack up 500 games in the Premier League. That came with West Ham last season before his contract ended.

But, most of all, his style of football wouldn’t allow Celtic to continue Rodgers’ blueprint if he did decide to leave. It’s easy to see why so many Celtic fans are so turned off by the thought of Moyes.

Many fans get infuriated discussing the idea of Rodgers departing, and they’re quite right. There’s been no official approach from Leicester, and Rodgers has given no indication he’ll be leaving.

Until something concrete happens, there’s nothing official to discuss. But one thing’s for sure, the day Rodgers does depart – nobody will be crying out for Moyes to replace him.