Celtic fans react as club launch new 'clover range' amidst a club crisis

By Euan Davidson

December 12, 2020

Being a social media person for a big football club must be a thankless task at times. Especially at Celtic, currently.

Win, lose or draw, your job is to promote the club in any way possible. When things are good, you’ll be treated to the dopamine rush of Retweets and Likes. A few bad results, and your timeline looks bleak.

With that in mind, it was strange timing for the club to release a new clothing line. Not only is it very short notice for Christmas, it’s also in the midst of Celtic’s worst run in decades.

Obviously, fans were quick to react online.


The kits are really good, in fairness… / (Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

For what it’s worth…

Despite everything, I do quite like the clover range. Although I think the badges are the wrong way round, you can’t knock Adidas for this. In normal circumstances, you could easily see supporters flocking to this gear.

That said, the timing is a little strange, as the fans have made clear. It’s probably too late for a Christmas present if you’re ordering from outside of Glasgow. Or, it’s encouraging fans to use the Celtic Superstore while barriers are up around the stadium. 

Couldn’t this have waited until January?