"That's plenty"; Celtic Tuesday tweet fails to impress supporters

By Euan Davidson

January 26, 2021

For many Celtic supporters, Brendan Rodgers is a Persona non grata.

Nearly two years ago, Rodgers left Celtic to take the job at Leicester City [BBC]. Needless to say, the fans weren’t exactly happy [TalkSport].

Speaking candidly, I can’t stand the guy. It’s not the act of leaving, it was how he did it. Talking endlessly about being a Celtic man then ditching us mid-season? It’s unforgivable.

Nevertheless, Celtic ignited the flames of that now-old controversy, wishing the perma-tanned manager a Happy Birthday on Twitter.

We’re never going to criticise the folk that work behind the scenes at Celtic, especially the social media team. After all, with the product we’re seeing from the players, it’s a thankless task for the staff working to keep the club active online.

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So, we’re going to assume that this followed a number of difficult conversations. There’s maybe an intern with shredded nails who’s just turned off their notifications. We can only speculate.

Maybe it’s just elite-level patter. You have to wonder who’s next. The Kelly family? Hulk Hogan? Wolf from Gladiators? Juventus’ 2001 penalty diver Nicola Amoruso?

With Leicester City riding high in the Premier League and Celtic suffering their worst form for a considerable time, bringing up Rodgers’ name mightn’t have been the best move. As if you need reminding, Rodgers led Celtic to unprecedented success, including an Invincible season in 16-17 [Eurosport].

It’s Brendan Rodgers’ birthday! / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Celtic fans react to Brendan Rodgers birthday message

Unsurprisingly, there were a few replies.

There were some who made their longing for a Rodgers return known. Others, not so much. Somewhere in the middle were the supporters who – quite rightly – asked the club to read the room.

We don’t know what the exact criteria is for ex-Celtic figures, in regards to happy birthdays. How badly would you have to antagonise the supporters for the club to go “…maybe not them”?

Here are just a sample of reactions from today’s twitter action: