Celtic fans react as ex-Bhoys boss debuts brave new look

By Euan Davidson

February 17, 2021

Celtic fans, in normal circumstances, might’ve had little to talk about tonight.

However, former boss Gordon Strachan just wasn’t going to let that happen. No; the ex-Aberdeen and Leeds United hero, Scotland and Celtic manager and “Class Wee Guy” has given up shaving for Lent.

Or so it seems. Normally, we’d suggest that “fans were divided on social media” or “supporters offer mixed views”. For once, though, we seem unanimous; Gordon Strachan’s facial hair is class patter.

Let’s be honest, apart from these three fantastic talking points, Celtic didn’t offer the fans a great deal. Aberdeen were absolutely dire, but they threatened late on. David Turnbull’s excellent goal aside, this was the definition of a routine win. Still, we’d rather win ugly than lose in comedic fashion.

Talking of comedic fashion…

It’s a football, wee man. / (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Celtic fans typically incisive as Strachan offers fans respite from match

While the pitch was like watching paint dry, Strachan and Tosh McKinlay made for excellent entertainment value. Here are some of our favourite tweets from an otherwise dull night.

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