Celtic fans rinse rival defender Leon Balogun for taking Twitter bait

By David Walton

May 16, 2021

Rangers defender Leon Balogun spent his time celebrating his club’s title win by replying to Celtic fans on Twitter as he was embarrassingly baited last night.

Celtic have had an incredibly dismal season with hardly a handful of good performances to talk about. You won’t find a single Hoops supporter who can’t bring themselves to admit that our rivals have deservedly won the league.

However, the overegging of their success has been a bit difficult for Celtic supporters to accept. Not least because our last nine title wins have been met with almost a shrug of the shoulders from Scottish football and the press. Now that Rangers have done it, however, it’s the greatest achievement ever by a Scottish club in living memory. Or at leas that’s what you’re being made to believe.

It only fuels the fire for next season as we look to starve our rivals of success once again. Ahead of the new managerial appointment combined with the overhaul that awaits us, we’re in an interesting position as a football club.

But quite clearly, it appears that some in the Rangers camp, or Balogun at least, isn’t too sure what the best way to celebrate a league title win is.

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Celtic fans rinse Rangers defender as he bites on Twitter

Apparently, from Balogun’s perspective, rifling through Twitter and seeing what Celtic fans had to say appeared to be one of his ports of call.

Only hours after they had their trophy day at Ibrox, Balogun was responding to a relatively tame reply from a Celtic supporter on Rangers’ Twitter. The supporter quite rightly tried to put Rangers right by claiming it was their first title as they pushed the 55 bandwagon.

Rangers centre-back Leon Balogun (Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Balogun then replied with a crying gif. Classy. Fair to say his own supporters thought it was a stroke of genius. The thigh-slapping was full-on, and no doubt Balogun himself thought he’d pulled off a masterstroke.

However, the Celtic fans have been absolutely rinsing him for it ever since. Over nine years of dominating Scottish football and listening to crass accusations from Rangers fans about how nothing counts, the Celtic players have always kept their composure on social media. Always managed to show their class and do their talking on the park.

Balogun, however, clearly doesn’t know much about that. No wonder then that Celtic fans were left laughing at the Ibrox man, as they commented below:



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