Given the similarities between the situation in English and Scottish football, it was difficult to ignore West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady’s comments yesterday.

Football north and south of the border has been postponed for the foreseeable future as the world tries to get to grips with current health crisis.

West Ham's Karren Brady

West Ham’s Karren Brady (Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United FC via Getty Images)

As is to be expected though, there are some eyes therefore fixated on what will happen to the current season’s competitions. Both Celtic and Liverpool are romping to their respective titles, yet both can still mathematically be caught.


And that led West Ham’s vice-chairman Brady to take an opportunistic approach. She stated in comments published in the Guardian that the league should be declared “null and void”. Brady also described it as the only “fair and reasonable” thing to do.

Well Karren, you would say that

Where this opinion would’ve had strong validation would be if Brady’s club was in a strong position. After all, a senior club figure coming out and declaring a season should be “null and void” despite them being positively placed would’ve been a good look for the argument.

However, have a little glance at the Premier League table and come back.

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Yup, West Ham are currently level on points with 18th-placed Bournemouth. That means that the Hammers are currently level on points with a side in the relegation spots. I’m pretty sure if you ask any of the bottom four or five sides in England, they would jump at the chance to void the season. Nothing to do with health and safety of course, but to avoid a disaster for their club.

If the English FA take one look at her comments, they’ll see that West Ham’s plight is probably the reason for them. For example, if West Ham were leading the Premier League and on course for a historic title success, would Brady have the same opinion? Let’s just say it would be doubtful.

David Moyes' West Ham United are struggling

David Moyes’ West Ham United are struggling (Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United FC via Getty Images)

So when senior figures are coming out and giving opinions like this, you can’t really listen too much. Bias will always plague opinions on the matter.

Those who are level-headed on the issue want the season to finish. They don’t want prizes just given out and they don’t want the season to be ruled null and void. When appropriate, the current campaign that players have worked so hard to achieve success in over a seven-eight month period must be played out.

Whilst football continues to take a back seat to the current epidemic, it’s vital we don’t just ignore the hard work clubs have put into the season.

Brady’s comments are simply optimistic and opportunistic. Celtic fans, therefore, shouldn’t worry about her biased perspective having any effect on the FA and SFA’s respective decisions.

What did you make of Karren Brady’s comments? Was she at it? Did she simply see an opportunity? Let us know in the comments below.


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