Celtic fans to reportedly be fine for Lazio clash

By David Walton

October 16, 2019

UEFA’s verdict on Lazio’s racist chanting during their game against Rennes is one that will apparently please Celtic fans.

According to La Repubblica, UEFA have chosen to not shut off the full stadium for the Lazio-Celtic clash. Instead, they have apparently chosen to block off a section of the ground for the game in three weeks’ time.

Half of the northern curve of the stadium looks like being shut off. This includes sections 46, 47, 48, and 49.

Lazio will be without some of their boisterous support against Celtic (Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Lazio has the right to appeal the decision by UEFA. However, with the evidence being leaked, it’s still to be confirmed publicly by European football’s governing body.

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The main thing for Celtic fans is that they’ll still be able to attend the contest. The shutting down of that particular area is in response to the racial chants being heard from that section of the ground.

Celtic fans simply won’t care so long as they get to go

Of course, Celtic fans won’t really care much about Lazio’s longer-term problems with UEFA. At the end of the day, they look like getting the green light to go to Rome. That’s all that really matters.

It would’ve been a tad scandalous had UEFA allowed supporters to book up for Rome and then tell them they couldn’t go to the game. It wouldn’t have been fair one bit on the Hoops fans who can’t wait to go.

Simone Inzaghi’s side will play in front of a reduced support vs Celtic (Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

But, if this is indeed UEFA’s true verdict, we’ve at least avoided that catastrophe. It’s still a shame that there’s had to be a stadium closure at all. It would’ve been ideal if the ground was packed and brimmed with supporters for such a highly-important football match.

However, considering what the alternatives could’ve been, Celtic will just be happy to take their tickets and get to the game.

Lazio will be disappointed with the verdict (Marco Rosi/Getty Images)

Lazio have tried to take a zero-tolerance approach to the issue in the hope that UEFA would see that they were doing all they could. This included prosecuting those responsible of racist chanting.

But it hasn’t fended off the partial stadium closure. Given the sizable nature of the section being blocked off, you wonder how many more warnings Lazio are going to get.