Celtic Football for Good Fund breaks £1.5m milestone after 18 months in operation

By David Walton

September 28, 2021

Celtic have today released a brilliant announcement as the Football for Good fund has now officially raised over £1.5m whilst in operation.

Set up at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Football for Good fund was created to help those most in need. The fund has helped a total of 12,792 individuals, 15,915 pensioners, and 25,340 families just to name some of the totals.

Not to mention the fund has provided over 11,000 hot meals and 17,000 hot drinks to NHS staff. The fund has also stated that it will ensure a further quarter of a million pounds is pledged to that after the Celtic supporters worldwide dug deep to help those in need.

And Celtic Foundation CEO Tony Hamilton has been discussing the Fund’s success as he outlined its impact on society.

Speaking via Celtic’s official website, Hamilton said: “It’s been going on for 18 months, and obviously people have been asking questions about if there is an end in sight, and it’s going to get worse. There’s a big, big cut to benefit coming, there’s an increase in domestic fuel coming which is going to impact on families as well. So as much as this is doom and gloom, it’s certainly going to get worse for a lot of families before it gets better.

“We’re talking about tens of thousands of people. There are about 13,000 individuals, we’ve got about 82 partners – a lot in Glasgow, some in London, some internationally, some in Edinburgh, some in Ireland – there are just under 4,000 children. 25,000 families have been impacted over the past 18 months, and just under 16,000 pensioners as well, and a lot of people who live within the homeless community, particularly in the West of Scotland.

The Celtic fightback has to start this week

The Celtic fightback has to start this week
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“So, it’s big, big numbers for us. I think this is a real credit to the Celtic supporters, not just locally, but internationally as well, and to a lot of people associated with the football club who have helped make a difference really to people’s lives.”

Celtic Football for Good Fund providing much-needed benefits

It’s easy to forget that there are many more important things happening in the world than football. The Football for Good Fund is just an example of how the sport can be a tool for good in society.

Celtic have managed to build something big here. Something that’s actively made a positive impact during the pandemic. Whilst sport is a relief for many of us, the help provided to different individuals and families has been key to their survival and mental health.

As cases in Scotland continue to ease, the hope is that we’ll be back to normality as soon as possible. However, even then, the devastation left behind by the pandemic won’t simply go away.

Photo by Gary Hutchison / SNS Group via Getty Images

This is why operations such as the Football for Good fund need to stay in operation. The ongoing support it provides is one of the few positives to come out of the pandemic.

It’s important communities and charities in Scotland band together to ensure we all get through Covid.

And despite the numbers already racked up by the Celtic Foundation, the work is nowhere near over.

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