Celtic Foundation announces 3 new charity partners, as club roots remembered

By Euan Davidson

March 5, 2021

Celtic supporters received some welcome news from the Celtic Foundation this morning.

The Celtic FC Foundation have announced three new charity partners. As part of the Football for Good Fund, Foundation chief executive today named Urban Fox, Glasgow’s Golden Generation and Spirit Aid as the new fundraising beneficiaries.

An announcement on the Foundation’s website claimed:

“The Foundation will work alongside Urban Fox, Glasgow’s Golden Generation, and Spirit Aid over the coming months to help those most in need in our communities.

The coronavirus pandemic has had far-reaching implications on the mental health and wellbeing of people all over the country. Levels of loneliness, depression, harmful alcohol and drug use, self-harm and suicidal thoughts are all expected to rise throughout this difficult period.”

Urban Fox is a Glasgow-based charity aimed at providing young people within the East End of Glasgow with a wide range of educational and diversionary activities. Glasgow’s Golden Generation is a foundation focussed on tackling loneliness and isolation in elderly communities.

Finally, Spirit Aid is a Scottish humanitarian organisation, which aims to alleviate “the suffering of children and young people whose lives have been affected by poverty, neglect, abuse, lack of opportunity, humanitarian crisis or even blighted by war.”

Celtic supporters have been raising funds / (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Some good news for Celtic fans and charities alike

This is much more like it.

In a season filled with drama on and off the pitch, it’s vital to remember the world outside the game. Celtic were founded to help alleviate poverty in Glasgow’s East End. So, it’s good to see the club hasn’t forgotten its roots.

While the Club have produced many a howler over 20-21, the Foundation has powered on. Few would’ve expected this particular effort, Football For Good, to continue in 2021. However, with Covid-19 staying around for longer than anticipated, the effect has been devastating.

Communities that were already struggling have struggled further. Young people and the elderly have been particularly hit. Schools have been closed, meaning that school meals and vital socialisation have been missed out on. For the elderly, loneliness is already a huge issue. The pandemic will only have exacerbated this.

Foundation chief Tony Hamilton continued [Celtic FC Foundation]:

”When we set up Football For Good Fund a year ago we couldn’t have imagined we’d still be doing it in 12 months.

“However, that’s where we are, and it’s a testimony to our supporters across the world that we’re in a position to continue to invest in partners who can get to the right people quickly. The likelihood is that the recovery from all of this will take some considerable time. So it’s important that we remain able to help for as long as it’s needed.”

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