Celtic have big decision to make on Neil Lennon; here's what to expect

By David Walton

January 28, 2021

Celtic have one almighty decision to make on manager Neil Lennon within the next 72 hours.

Back in December when fan apathy was at its peak, the board bought itself some time. They realised we had a run of winnable games coming up before Ibrox. A chance to get some momentum under our belts and possibly go into Govan with confidence and take the points. So they stated that they would have a January review on how things were going under the current management.

The management team failed in that goal. We won the games leading up to Rangers. However, another derby defeat left us 19 points behind our rivals.

We then had the Dubai debacle followed by three consecutive draws. This review looked inevitable for Lennon. The game was bust and the season was over.

With the Celtic Supporter Liason Officer also calling for any findings of the review to be made public, the club had been backed into a corner.

But after the events of the last week, don’t expect anything other than a further delay of the inevitable.

Celtic have continued to allow Lennon the opportunity to speak his mind at pressers. He’s been given carte blanche to say what he feels and still remain in the job [Glasgow Live].

Long-awaited Celtic decision will likely see Neil Lennon keep his job

He’s been given the opportunity to bring more players in the door. Ben Davies’ pre-contract agreement today all but confirms that [Sky Sports]. Don’t be surprised if he ends up arriving this month.

In addition to that, Lennon has confirmed on several occasions that he’s still in discussions with Peter Lawwell daily on how to improve the team [Scottish Sun]. This includes transfer chat too apparently.

In other words, there is absolutely no sign of Lennon heading out the door. Nothing is prepared for what should be that inevitability. Instead, he continues to go about his managerial duties as if everything is going swell and the club needs anything but change.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon / (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Of course, not to mention the fact we finally have a win to our name in 2021. The rot stopped with a comfortable 2-0 home victory against Hamilton Academical last night. Can you honestly see the board stepping in and sacking Lennon after a win? They’ve failed to do so after so many horror games throughout the campaign. Why change now?

So taking everything from the latest result, Lennon’s comments, and the fact signings are coming in the door, expect him to keep the job for the foreseeable future. In fact, don’t be surprised if they announce he’ll remain in charge until the end of the season – pending a further review.

At the very least, he’s staying for now. How the club actually justify keeping him on? They won’t give a solid reason – just more waffle about how Neil is the best option for now. In other words, we’ve to all just shut up and deal with it.

In other news, a pundit has claimed that 99% of Celtic fans want Lennon gone.