Celtic have earned around €7.91m in UEFA prize money this season - what's on offer in knockouts?

By John McGinley

December 16, 2019

Celtic’s progression to the knockout stages of the Europa League is not just fantastic news from a football perspective, but also a financial one too.

Fans have loved the way that Neil Lennon’s team have shown they are real contenders on the Europa League scene with an excellent group stage showing against Lazio, Rennes and Cluj.

It’s made up for the horror show qualification double-header against the Romanian champions that ensured we missed out on the Champions League.

Although the secondary competition is far less lucrative money-wise than the Champions League, we still haven’t done too badly with prize money this season.

There’s more on offer should we show up well in the competition after the winter break.

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All figures in this article are based on UEFA’s own published information on money available to teams. (Champions League & Europa League)

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How much have Celtic made in prize money so far?

The cash starts rolling in early given Celtic’s participation in the Champions League qualifying process. Making it to the third qualifying round of the champions route, through rounds one and two, bagged us €1.14m.

Beating AIK in the Europa League play-off round then ensured we received €2.92m for playing in the group stage.

A fantastic showing then saw us quickly deliver millions of Euros more, with €570,000 available per win and €190,000 per draw. Four wins in a draw, therefore, delivered €2.35m.

As group winners, Celtic also received a further €1m, with another €500,000 awarded for participation in the Round of 32.

Added up, the total prize money to date this season stands at €7.91m, which today converts to £6.61m.

More should be added onto that too, with undistributed amounts (€190,000 per draw) to be pooled and redistributed among the clubs playing in the group stage in amounts proportionate to their number of wins.

With ticket income and TV money not yet even added on to that amount, it’s clear the Europa League still provides crucial and substantial revenue to Celtic.

An amount of €84m has also be divided into ‘coefficient shares’, each worth €71,430. The lowest-ranked team, across a ten year period, will receive one share (€71,430). One share will be added to every rank and so the highest-ranked team will receive 48 shares (€3.42m).

(Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP) (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

What’s on offer in the rest of the competition?

According to UEFA’s published figures, there are millions more that can be won through prize money alone. As mentioned we have already landed €500,000 for participating in the Round of 32, if we make it past Copenhagen, or even go further, then we can expect:

  • Qualification for the round of 16: €1.1m each
  • Qualification for the quarter-finals: €1.5m each
  • Qualification for the semi-finals: €2.4m each
  • Qualification for the final: €4.5m each

The UEFA Europa League winners can expect to collect an additional €4m on top of all that, although clearly that goal is a long, long way away yet.

Any TV money received will also increase as we progress further.

The Champions League undoubtedly remains the competition we should continue to aim for. A huge €15.25m is available just for qualifying for the group stage.

However, the performance of Lennon’s squad has ensured we can continue to move forward positively and invest in the first-team.