Celtic hero Chris Sutton's latest beef with one of their fans has box-office potential

By Euan Davidson

March 18, 2021

We don’t often see former Celtic players starting beef with WWE wrestlers, so let’s savour the moment.

So, if you’re not up to date with modern wrestling, neither am I. Still, I will try my best to fill you in: Drew McIntyre is a professional wrestler. He is from Scotland, and is a Rangers supporter. BT Sport have rights to WWE matches. The broadcaster asked McIntyre to do a WWE-style promo after Rangers’ title win.

Celtic hero Chris Sutton, rarely one to shy away from confrontation, subsequently branded McIntyre’s efforts “embarrassing”. If you’re not following where we’re going with this…

After the season Celtic supporters have had, we have one simple request. Chris Sutton has to get in the ring with WWE superstar Drew McIntyre.

It’s the only real way to finish the 20-21 campaign in the correct manner.

Chris Sutton: calling out Drew McIntyre should be the first stage of an overall plan / (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Chris Sutton: please ‘fight’ WWE superstar Drew McIntyre: we need this

Chris Sutton is lanky, but was a huge physical presence as a player. Capable as a centre-back or a centre-forward, the Englishman threw himself about, and made his presence known in matches.

Does he have a “typical” wrestling physique? No, of course not. But neither did Andre the Giant, Rey Mysterio or [checks notes] Mankind? He was a champion wasn’t he? No, they didn’t. The fact Sutton isn’t a muscle-bound behemoth matters little. Wrestling is a mind game, as much as it is people fighting each other.

We reckon Chris Sutton could easily make a career change. A popular and divisive pundit, his mic skills are beyond reproach. He’s certainly got the anger, and he wouldn’t be afraid to break the rules against “The Scottish Warrior” [WWE]. Yes, that is McIntyre’s nickname, and no we are not making this up.

It would give us all a boost to see Sutton pinning the former Champion. As a Champion himself, albeit in a sport without pre-determined outcomes, the former Blackburn Rovers man fears no-one.

We need to see this happen. It’s an absolute necessity. The oil, the lights, the beef: Chris Sutton v Drew McIntyre has all the makings of a Wrestlemania classic.

It’s something that must be done.

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