Celtic legend Bertie Auld has hit back at the morons who sing a distasteful song about the Lisbon Lions.

It’s a song we don’t want to go into any great detail about. However, it’s one that’s been heard frequently when Celtic have faced their rivals in recent years.

Auld was part of the finest Celtic team to ever play for the club. Under Jock Stein, the sensational Lisbon Lions won the European Cup back in 1967. It’s an achievement that will never be matched given the enormity of the task, but for some disgusting reason, the Lions have become the target of some sickening abuse by rival fans in recent years.

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Bertie Auld and the rest of the Lisbon Lions will never see their achievements matched (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

And Auld has clearly had enough of it. Speaking to the Scottish Sun, he issued a defiant response that puts the yobs well in their place.

“I don’t listen to them. They can say what they want but they can’t take away what’s already there. We can’t do any better than what we done because we’re not in the game and we beat all records.

“We won five trophies in the one season. Nobody’s ever achieved that and nobody ever will. Don’t let them bother you. The only time these people will get silverware is when the police put them into handcuffs.



“It’s frightening what’s going on. The abuse was there (back when Auld was playing), but it wasn’t the way it is just now. You would go into a café or whatever and you’d have conversations with opposition fans.”

Terrific response from a man who’s a class above it all

Auld comes from a time when Scottish football fans were a lot more tolerant of each other. The idea of Celtic players hanging out with rival fans just isn’t something you could picture now.

But Scottish football has to start coming down hard on clubs for their supporters’ actions. How fans can continuously get away with their song aimed at the Lisbon Lions is a joke. It’s still not been picked up on or punished appropriately enough by the proper authorities. Why do we think that? Because we still hear it.

A feat that will never be repeated (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

As well as that, security inside the grounds haven’t been reported for taking fans out who sing the song either. It’s become a disgusting black mark on Scottish football. Those who sing it will know who they are.

But there is a growing concern over the behaviour of a minority at football matches in general. Scott Sinclair had a buckfast bottle thrown at him at Easter Road (Daily Record). Leigh Griffiths, meanwhile, has also had objects thrown at him at Ibrox in the past (Scottish Sun).

The SFA beaks just aren’t doing enough (Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

It’s difficult to know what the answer is to put a stop to all of this nonsense. From physical assaults to verbal assaults, none of it is okay, and it doesn’t matter what club you support either.

The sad thing about it all? There doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight.

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