Celtic legend Henrik Larsson won't be going to Southend United

By David Walton

October 15, 2019

Celtic legend Henrik Larsson won’t be going to Southend United after talks to become their new manager broke down.

This comes after a statement on the League One side’s website confirmed the decision. The reasoning was due to the fact that Tommy Johnson, another ex-Celt who was set to become the Head of Recruitment, has accepted an offer from elsewhere.

This has unfortunately led to all talks with Henrik being broken off. Johan Mjallby was another surprising name who was set to be involved with Larsson as his assistant. In the end, however, the deal is off after Johnson’s decision.

Henrik Larsson won’t be managing Southend United (Lars Dareberg/Ombrello via Getty Images)

Speaking on the Southend United website, chairman Ron Martin released the following statement:

“Terms were agreed with all parties and arrangements were confirmed for Henrik, Johan and their agent to fly over this evening with a view to attending at Roots Hall, along with Tommy Johnson, to sign the contracts tomorrow.

“Within the last hour Tommy Johnson advised Henrik, and subsequently me, that he had decided not to join Henrik & Johan having today accepted an alternative offer.

“As a consequence of Tommy Johnson withdrawing, all discussions with Henrik Larsson and Johan Mjallby have, unfortunately, come to an end too.”

Would’ve been an interesting trio

The Celtic connection here would’ve been difficult to ignore for Hoops fans. Had this deal gone through, it’s fair to say that more than a few in our support would’ve been checking Southend’s results every week.

It’s also unclear as to why Johnson’s rejection tore the whole thing down. Martin stated in his statement that both he and Larsson agreed that the trio cams as part of a team. But it would be interesting to know why they couldn’t have powered on without Johnson.

Larsson’s next move has yet to be revealed (Stu Forster/Getty Images)

It’s a pity considering how long the negotiations had been taking place. Larsson has attended two Southend matches. However, despite that, nothing has come of the deal.

It means that Henrik, for now, won’t be adding to his spells with Landskrona Bois, Falkenberg and Helsingborgs (x2) respectively.

Johan Mjallby looked set to team up with Larsson (Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

We all hope to see Henrik back in British football at some stage. This move looked ridiculously close to being pulled off. But it appears as though Johnson’s refusal to seal things has knocked the whole house down.

Here’s hoping Larsson and Mjallby can strike up a partnership elsewhere.