Celtic look to secure global gaze with commercial deal; advantages explored

By Euan Davidson

February 5, 2021

Celtic and Dugout have announced a content partnership.

In a move that will add the Bhoys to an international roster of football clubs, Dugout revealed the partnership with a glitzy video.

If you aren’t a fan of Neil Lennon, disco lights, etc: look away now:

So what does the partnership mean in real terms? Well, Dugout is a global content brand, which boasts links with huge international clubs.

Fans of Premier League giants like Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool enjoy Dugout clips. Equally, Barcelona and Real Madrid are signed up, along with with big hitters from Brazil, Mexico, the US and more.

Essentially, it’s a route for Celtic to be exposed to audiences across the world. Dugout has a significant reach, and the resources they have to share Bhoys clips will spark interest globally.

The website share nostalgic compilations and behind the scenes footage. This Cafu highlight reel, for example. Or, if you’re a fan of Mexican side Tigres, there are interviews with star striker Gignac.

It’s another route for supporters to get a glance at how football clubs are run, or for newer fans to get to grips with a club’s history.

Celtic join Palmeiras and other Brazilian clubs on Dugout / (Photo by Mauro Pimentel – Pool/Getty Images)

Advantages for Celtic

In an increasingly globalised football landscape, elite clubs are always finding new ways to gain traction. When Celtic signed Shunsuke Nakamura, shirt sales in East Asia rose exponentially [The Times]. The Bhoys have also ventured into the UAE, with repeated trips to Dubai.

There are countless Celtic Supporters Clubs in the US, and the Bhoys also have a partnership with Mexican side Santos Laguna [Celtic FC].

If Celtic clips on Dugout can spark the interest of a new generation of international fans, it could genuinely help the club. Modern football fans are savvy, with a great deal of knowledge about the game. Showcasing the history of the club, as well as recent achievements, might have a financial impact.

It’s not far-fetched to imagine that goal compilations and vignettes will reach an audience in far corners of the world, even more so than Celtic’s own media. South America and South Asia are largely unexplored territories for the club in terms of revenue and awareness.

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Palmeiras, Santos and other iconic Brazilian names could definitely help there. Certainly, more than the transfers of Rafael Scheidt and Juninho did.

So, there’s more than meets the eye here. This is a commercial partnership which could reap dividends for the club in years to come.