Chris Sutton thinks Neil Lennon should do the right thing and walk away from Celtic

By Euan Davidson

January 22, 2021

Celtic favourite Chris Sutton has offered his support for manager Neil Lennon.

This morning, we shared Sutton’s comments from his weekly column in the Daily Record. With his column, he said that Neil Lennon is facing a tremendously hard decision.

More recently, on tonight’s episode of BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra, the former Celtic striker doubled down, offering sympathy to the under-fire Bhoys boss.

Similar to his column, he offered Lennon support on a personal level, and highlighted his mental toughness. However, Sutton was clear that the job was probably beyond Lenny’s capabilities at this moment in time.

Sutton said:

“Neil’s my friend. But Neil’s legacy as a player and as a manager, I think he’s done great things for the club. He was a big fan’s favourite. And he had a connection with the fans because he never gave up on the pitch.

“I can understand his thought process at the moment. I still think there’ll be something in the bottom of his stomach, where he feels he can turn this situation around. The fact of the matter is, he doesn’t have any support.

“I don’t want – in years to come – for Neil Lennon to be remembered for being obstinate and awkward at this moment in time. Some fans will see in this period that Neil is damaging the club.

“On that basis, if I was in his shoes, I would actually walk away.”

Happier times: Lennon, Sutton and Stephen Pearson train for Celtic / (Photo by Bill Murray/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Celtic man Sutton is right to offer support for pal Lennon

No matter what you think of the job Neil Lennon is doing, he’s clearly struggling with the mental aspect of Celtic’s crisis.

For the record, I’ve made my own feelings on Lenny’s tenure quite clear. But it doesn’t mean I or any of my colleagues have anything but admiration for the man. Like most of the Hoops fans, we don’t want to see him toiling like he is.

Nobody will want Celtic to succeed more than the ex-captain, and it’ll be hurting him immensely that he’s not able to bring success to the club. As a boyhood fan, player, coach and manager, Lennon has been in and around the club for over 20 years, on and off.

So Chris Sutton is right to offer his friendship and support to Lennon. It really isn’t nice to see him suffering like he is. Monday night’s explosive press conference was evidence of a man who’s at the end of his tether.

I would suggest that the supporters don’t want to remember Neil Lennon as someone who failed the club. Many of us never wanted this situation in the first place. There were signs from his initial departure, and the way he left Hibs, that Lennon’s full-time appointment could end badly.

Now, here we are.