Celtic men John Hartson and Simon Donnelly exchange on Twitter to Scott Brown news

By David Walton

April 4, 2019

Former Celtic strikers John Hartson and Simon Donnelly have had an amusing exchange on Twitter regarding the Scott Brown news.

For those who perhaps somehow haven’t heard, the Celtic captain has been hit with a notice of complaint. This apparently falls under the SFA’ rule number 77 of not acting in the best interests of association football.

It’s as bewildering as it is laughable, and Brown must be chuckling away to himself here. Celtic have already sent out a tweet confirming they’ll defend any accusation against their captain “vigorously”.

And it’s certainly amused many on social media. Hartson and Donnelly are both too examples. Both men are respected figures amongst the club, and the pair touched on the incident on Twitter today, as did Chris Sutton.

Where do the SFA truly go from here?

It’s difficult to see what the SFA’s case actually is here. Are they trying to accuse Brown of goading Rangers fans? Or are they perhaps trying to say Brown was at the wind-up too often vs Rangers?

Regardless of where the SFA are basing their argument, they simply have no ground for it. Brown didn’t do anything on the day worthy of a red card. And he certainly didn’t act in interests that go against that of association football.

Scott Brown simply celebrated his win against Rangers on Sunday (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s the kind of decision that you could talk about for days. There’s no denying that this case most certainly will, and it should be consistently highlighted given the injustice of it all.

The fact that people such as Hartson are struggling to actually pinpoint what Brown has done tells it’s own story. It all feels like a finger-pointing act in a bid to try and balance the blame for Sunday.

Celtic did nothing but celebrate their win. Brown did nothing but celebrate his win. Rangers, however, quite simply couldn’t take those celebrations despite being able to dish it out back in December.

Will justice prevail? Celtic have a very strong case to make it so you would imagine.