Chris Sutton thinks Celtic have to pay up to release Dominic McKay from his role at the SRU early and bring him into the club now.

McKay doesn’t officially take up his CEO position at the Bhoys until July 1st, which is inconvenient given all the changes going on at Celtic Park.

With a sporting director to appoint and a new manager too, there are major decisions to be made that could shape the next three to five years.

Sutton doesn’t feel Celtic can afford to wait until mid-summer to get McKay in the door.

Writing in his Daily Record column, the former striker said: “Dominic McKay needs to be put in place now. The new manager and director of football should be unveiled right behind him.

“Not in a month. Not in two months. Certainly not on July 1 in McKay’s case. Now.

“I listened to the head of Scottish Rugby, Mark Dodson, during the week saying McKay will not be leaving early to take up the chief executive post at Parkhead but staying until his notice period is up.

“Celtic need to fix that. Pay what it costs to get him out. If the guy has to walk away early, so be it. Just get it done.”

Dominic McKay will already be involved at Celtic

Although McKay doesn’t start until July 1st, it’s naive to think he is not already heavily involved with the future plans at Celtic. The reality is that there will be transition periods at both the Bhoys and the SRU, that’s the way these things work.

Sure, it might be beneficial for PR purposes to have McKay front and centre when these announcements are made. It will certainly help sell a new, bright future at the club and convince season ticket holders.

I can see where Sutton is coming from in that respect.

Chris Sutton Dominic McKay Celtic
Celtic Park / (Photo by Andrew Milligan/Pool via Getty Images)

From a logistical perspective though, it’s unlikely to change much.

Still, there are rumblings McKay could join earlier than anticipated. BBC journalist Kheredine Idessane reported as much through the week.

Celtic are on the brink of a new era.

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