Is Celtic Park going to be released in PES' New Year data pack?

By David Walton

December 11, 2018

When it comes to Pro Evolution Soccer, the word frustrated probably resembles Celtic gamers’ feelings.

The Konami product guaranteed Celtic fans a lifelike creation of Celtic Park. This rocketed sales of the game around Scotland due to the fact both Parkhead and Ibrox Stadium were set to be introduced.

Konami even had a special launch event at Celtic Park at the start of the season. There, they gave a preview of what certain players would look like, and stated that the game was aimed at luring in Scottish fans this season.

A lifelike version of Celtic Park is set to be introduced (Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

Supporters were angered when, on August 31st when the game was released – Parkhead was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t on the list of stadiums provided, with PES stating that the venues would be released on a new data pack.

Fair enough. It would’ve been nice had supporters been well-informed of that, but they hadn’t.

Nearly Christmas and no update

Now it’s nearly Christmas, and Celtic Park still hasn’t been released. A recent data pack earlier this month also didn’t contain the Hoops’ iconic stadium. This is even after supporters bombarded Konami and PES’ twitter accounts with messages demanding a date.

PES have been quick to simply state that the venues will be available in a future data pack. To be frank, it’ll be ready when it’s ready – that’s what PES are trying to tell us.

Ibrox Stadium is also set to be released soon (Michael Steele/Getty Images)

The fourth data pack, however, is scheduled to be released in the New Year. Surely, with all of the badgering fans have been doing to the company on social media, the stadiums will finally be in that pack.

Not to mention the fact that updated player faces are also scheduled to be released. This will also likely be in the same pack as the stadiums, however. Leigh Griffiths remains far too handsome whilst Kristoffer Ajer looks like something from a fantasy RPG game.

With the New Year pack’s contents yet to be revealed, you can’t imagine Celtic won’t be in it. It’s been long enough a wait, with the season already just about half-way complete.

Fans are already incensed with Konami as it is. Releasing Parkhead and Ibrox has to be their primary goal at this stage. Is it set to come in New Year? Surely they can’t afford for it not to.