Celtic post a birthday tweet, and this time it's a belter

By Euan Davidson

July 23, 2021

Celtic put out a birthday tweet today.

No, no, I know – so often, the club’s social media team get battered with the “Clinton Cards FC” patter. It doesn’t match the mood of the supporters, or it’s in the midst of a crisis.

Look how Stevie Woods’ birthday was received four months ago. The poor guy; all he ever wanted was to coach goalkeepers.

It’s something the club have been doing less and less of. But when an important anniversary came up, the Celtic just couldn’t resist a good tweet. And in fairness, this one’s a belter.

Yes: Happy Birthday, the Huddle.

A couple of things, first: I cannot believe the Huddle has only been around since 1995. It just feels so ingrained in the match-day experience that it seems incongruous to think the Huddle’s only been around for 26 years.

Also, when it began all those years ago with Tony Mowbray, it was more of a straight-backed affair. Now, there’s a uniformity to it, and it’s met with an appreciative roar every time it’s done at Celtic Park.

Said Tony Mowbray of its legacy [Celtic Wiki]:

“Every player likes to leave something that people can remember them by and maybe the Huddle is mine at Celtic. I’m delighted to see it’s still going strong, because it’s a brilliant way of uniting the players and the fans. It’s in the fabric of Celtic now.”

Celtic birthday tweet seems timely in the current context

With more and more fans being able to take their seat at Paradise over the next few months, this Celtic tweet seems timely.

There are plenty of amazing things that happen at Celtic Park when we’re a couple of goals up, and looking rampant. Chief amongst them is the chant of “let’s all do the Huddle”, and the supporters linking up and jumping on the spot. It’s just silly fun.

Photo by Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images

So, as the situation for supporters gets a little more positive as time passes, it feels right that we’re celebrating 26 years of the Huddle. The prospect of a sold-out Paradise roaring the long-established tradition as the Bhoys approach kick-off is a tantalising one.

So, kudos to this Celtic tweet. Fine, the messaging from the club has been all wrong in the past. Undoubtedly, it could’ve back-fired. But they took a wee risk, and it paid off.

Let’s all do the Huddle, let’s all do the Huddle, na na na na…

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