Celtic should never allow Ryan Christie to leave for £1m under any circumstances

By David Walton

June 22, 2021

I have no problem with Celtic allowing Ryan Christie to leave this summer, but I take a massive issue with the £1m valuation.

It makes perfect sense for the Hoops to cut ties with Christie in the coming weeks. He’s said to be into the final six months of his contract, meaning he can effectively be signed for free if clubs are willing to wait until January.

In addition to that, he’s just come off his poorest campaign since breaking into the Celtic team in 2018. Even then, he still managed seven goals and 15 assists in 46 appearances [Transfermarkt]. He scored crucial goals in the delayed Scottish Cup semi-final and final back in December. Christie still had some big moments.

The likes of Monaco, Nice, and Leicester have been linked with moves [Daily Mail]. Southampton and Burnley have been linked too, with a valuation of around £1m being placed on Christie’s head [Sunday Post].

On what planet, under any circumstance, is this an appropriate valuation for a player of Christie’s standing? A player who has international, Europa League, and title-winning experience to his name?

Celtic don’t need to let themselves be robbed; Ryan Christie still worth more than £1m

I’m fully aware Christie’s contract is up in January. That means a monumental percentage of his normal transfer fee has to be sliced off. But not to the extent that it wouldn’t be worth doing a deal.

£1m simply doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t do enough for us with regards to what we want to be doing in the transfer market. I’ve constantly been banging on the drum that every little bit helps this summer. But not when it comes to regular starters who actually cost much more.

Nice were reportedly ready to splash out £8m last summer [The Scotsman]. That was already a cut-price deal. Are we truly to believe that as much as £7m is to be slashed off because another few months have gone by?

Celtic attacker Ryan Christie / (Photo by Craig Foy/SNS Group via Getty Images)

If we can only bag £1m for Christie, I’d be more inclined to see if he can make an impact for us in the first half of the season. Even as an impact sub, Christie remains a Celtic supporter and will want to perform in his final days for the football club.

Just because we’re selling players cheaper, it doesn’t mean we have to rob ourselves blind. We have to still make sure that all deals done are in the best interests of the football club. I’m not sure bagging £1m for Christie falls into that bracket.

Many will disagree, but I would rather have his quality to bring on from the bench for the first five months or so of the campaign than bag £1m. In today’s market, that isn’t what it used to be. Christie, for all of his critics, has a superb level of technical quality when on-form. It’s worth seeing if he can rediscover that if this is the valuation we’re talking about.

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