Celtic star Greg Taylor's class Scotland wind-up involves FIFA, EA Sports and Dunfermline

By Euan Davidson

June 11, 2021

Imagine you were Celtic star Greg Taylor, in the Scotland camp for Euro 2020.

You’re behind two of the best left-backs in Europe, but depending on tactics, you could still be in the thick of things. It’s a tight-knit bunch, but with 5 caps for Scotland, and plenty for the Under-21s, you know these guys [SFA]. You’re amongst some top players, Premier League talents who could impart some wisdom to build on a solid 20-21.

It’s Scotland men’s first tournament for 23 years. The pressure’s on, and folk at home will be cheering you relentlessly. So what do you do?

You prank Declan Gallagher. Of course you do.

Turns out there’s a big video game culture in the Scotland squad. According to this profile of the players on the BBC, they’re all into Call of Duty and FIFA. Apart from Stuart Armstrong that is, who’s watching Michael Foucault lectures on his laptop, and reciting Latin law terminology.

Greg Taylor, though, took it one step further. According to Declan Gallagher, the new Aberdeen signing and Ryan Jack were trying to get a bumped up status on the popular Ultimate Team mode. And nonsense ensued, explains Gallagher [BBC]:

“[Greg] probably played the biggest prank on me and Ryan Jack in one of the camps. We were trying to get icons for Fifa Ultimate Team. Greg gave me a boy’s number who could help sort that out at EA Sports.

“So I’m sitting asking this guy and he’s giving it: “Aye just fill out this questionnaire.” Later that night I found it was actually Dom Thomas at Dunfermline I’d been texting. He bammed me right up.”

Greg Taylor warms up for Scotland / (Photo by Mario Hommes/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

Joker Greg Taylor is a popular figure in the Scotland camp

That’s quite good, to be fair.

It seems Greg Taylor is nothing but shy, whether at Celtic or Scotland. Although, as it turns out, his trivia relating to his nation of birth is shocking. He and Ryan Christie took part in a legitimately fun quiz via Celtic’s in-house media:

Imagine not knowing when St Andrew’s Day is? We’ll be expecting them to sing Flower of Scotland with incredible intensity to make up for it.

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