Celtic supporters impressed by John Kennedy's recent interviews

By John McGinley

February 28, 2021

Celtic supporters have been enjoying John Kennedy’s recent media interviews and the change in style from former boss Neil Lennon.

Lennon had come under fire from some supporters for his soundbites, obfuscation and defensive nature when dealing with reporters and journalists in recent months.

Unfortunately, given the way Celtic do business, our only outlet for information out of the club has been through the mainstream press.

So fans actually rely on these press conferences and interviews to get a bit of insight into what’s going on with various issues surrounding the first-team and matches.

John Kennedy gave an honest, accurate summation of yesterday’s 1-0 win over Aberdeen. He acknowledged the drop off in performance after the interval and made it clear the players simply didn’t retain possession effectively enough.

It’s in stark contrast to what we might have heard otherwise. No doubt Lennon would have hailed it as a superb display.

None of this observation is in service of promoting Kennedy to take up a permanent position as manager. Far from it. Celtic need to move in a different direction.

However, there is definite relief out there that we don’t have dread every bit of media coming out of Celtic anymore.

These supporters have taken to social media this weekend to share their thoughts on the topic…