Celtic supporters react to wild Jose Mourinho rumours

By Euan Davidson

April 21, 2021

Silliness abounds: even the BBC are sharing rumours of Jose Mourinho joining Celtic.

The combustible, highly-paid Champions League winner, who has amassed a staggering trophy haul as a manager [Transfermarkt], was let go by Tottenham Hotspur this week [Guardian].

As surely as night follows day, Celtic supporters have been treated to wild speculation about the former Real Madrid boss. Obviously, it’s nonsense. We know it’s nonsense. Yet, rivals are insisting we collectively both believe it’ll happen and that we actually want it to.

If you were starting a club from scratch ten years ago, sure: Jose Mourinho would be the man to appoint. But his more recent high-profile exits have damaged the Portuguese manager’s reputation. Even Tottenham Hotspur seemed like a step downwards for Jose, yet even that has ended in ignominy.

Imagine for a second that the Celtic board were actually thinking of doing this: we need a massive squad overhaul. It’ll cost a pretty penny to replace outgoing players, and there’s no guarantee of mega bucks coming the other direction. Certainly, not in the volumes we might’ve hoped.

So, to remedy this, people actually think a manager on astronomical wages would actually help that? No; make no mistake, in a parallel universe where this actually happens, we’d have little in the way of money to spend on players. There really isn’t a world where this makes sense.

Still, it doesn’t stop us talking about it, though, and as ever, Celtic supporters have taken it in good humour.

Jose Mourinho: unlikely / (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Still Game memes, Dick Campbell references: Celtic supporters react to ridiculous Jose Mourinho chatter

Call us what you will (and people do), I like to think of us Celtic supporters as having a decent sense of humour and more than a dollop of realism about us.

Therefore, this rumour was never likely to fly. Granted, there are a minority who believe there’s a chance, but the response has generally been one of incredulity.

Just a small sample of the response there. So, laugh at the rumour all you like: at least we know to take it in good humour.

Because, as if it needed said, this has microscopic odds of happening.

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