Celtic Trust discloses how much Ian Bankier made from the club last year

By David Walton

November 10, 2021

The Celtic Trust yesterday sent out a tweet explaining how much Ian Bankier made from the club last year.

The Hoops chairman has largely been a shadowy figure since his appointment back in 2011. Since then, fans have been left wondering what it is he actually gives to the club as he consistently looks to avoid public appearances.

Whenever there’s criticism of the club, Bankier is nowhere to be seen. His remit has never been made clear by the club, and the fans haven’t once been told what he’s responsible for. And below, the Trust revealed that Bankier took home over 70k despite only attending 7 meetings last year:

Bankier has been in his role now for over a decade. However, he continues to evade accountability and hasn’t once come out to answer fan questions.

At the start of the season when Ange Postecoglou and Dom McKay met supporters for a Q&A session, Bankier was again nowhere to be seen. That’s despite the fact he was part of the media presser.

Distancing himself from the club’s supporters has led to a major lack of trust in the Celtic chairman. However, despite this, Bankier continues to take a tidy sum from the club on an annual basis despite seemingly doing very little when it comes to everyday operations.

“We are genuinely witnessing a really special Celtic front three” | Scott McDonald on 67 Hail Hail

“We are genuinely witnessing a really special Celtic front three” | Scott McDonald on 67 Hail Hail
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Celtic fans have a right to demand more accountability from Ian Bankier

Last season was the perfect example of just how little Bankier does at Celtic. Despite the club going through both on and off-field crisis moments, he still refused to come out and show some leadership.

The only time he came out to address the support was in a letter back in February when he laughably tried to defend why Neil Lennon had yet to be sacked [Celtic FC]. Outside of that, the chairman was more or less a ghost.

A chairman is supposed to lead the club’s board and focus on strategic matters. They’re supposed to oversee the business and set high governance standards. Whilst we don’t know what Bankier does behind the closed Parkhead doors – it’s laughable to say he leads anything from the outside.

Photo by Alexander Hassenstein – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Celtic may think that’s unfair, but the truth is their lack of clarity on his role with the supporters may lead to a strong misconception that they’ve done nothing about. If we’re all wrong about Bankier, tell us why that is.

Get him in front of the fans and he’ll be able to be open and honest if he’s the figure Celtic clearly believe him to be.

But the fact he takes home over 70k every year for doing what appears to be very little most certainly won’t go down well with the fanbase.

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