Celtic Trust plan to show support for players on Sunday as protest against board goes ahead

By John McGinley

December 11, 2020

The Celtic Trust has updated supporters on the focus and intent of Sunday’s planned protest outside Celtic Park, in a Twitter post today.

After last night’s galvanising win at home to Lille in the Europa League, the appetite for demonstrations at the stadium may have been lessened amongst the broader support.

However, the Trust has moved to reassure fans that they are not intending to protest against the players arriving for the Kilmarnock clash.

In fact, they feel it’s a fantastic opportunity to cheer on the team while making their point clear on the direction of the club.

A post on Twitter said: “Following a spirited performance last night, Sunday is actually an opportunity to show support for the team, playing in an empty stadium, and demand change in how our club is run.”

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The fan group have gone to the effort of providing stewards for the event, as well as offering advice to keep everything as covid-compliant as possible.

As joyful as last night’s win was, problems remain at the club and supporters have the right to voice their displeasure constructively and safely.

Nobody wants to take confidence away from the players, and hopefully, that is reflected by those who turn up on Sunday.

The decision-makers at the club have come under fire in recent weeks for tone-deaf communications, the erecting of barriers around the stadium and an unwillingness to be open to supporters’ concerns.

The club have acknowledged the protest is going ahead, releasing a statement on the issue last night. Although they’ve also made it clear they do not condone it nor have they aided its organisation, as is their right.

Celtic Park / (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

For me, the hope is that supporters have a reasonable and tension-free space in which to voice their concerns publicly and make a point.

Likewise, I hope those attending take the responsibility seriously and recognise we don’t need any over-the-top drama.

Everyone will be watching on to see how it all shakes out.

If you want to know more about The Celtic Trust and its objectives, we spoke to Trustee Jeanette Findlay on our YouTube channel this week.