Celtic View temporarily closed as Covid-19 affects in-house press

By Euan Davidson

January 20, 2021

Celtic have announced that its magazine The Celtic View is temporarily halting production.

In a tweet, the View said that it was “suspending publication” and that an update would be provided soon. As yet, we don’t know why the club would choose to stop making copies of the View, although its sales will have been heavily affected by the pandemic.

Launched in 1965, the Celtic View is the oldest weekly club magazine in world football (Herald). A staple of match-days and Scottish news stands, the View has been a favourite for generations of Celtic supporters.

The brainchild of Jack McGinn, grandfather of current Aston Villa star John, the weekly periodical was an innovative approach. No other club sought to communicate directly to its fans in such a way, while also running competitions, updating fans on goings-on at the club and providing Celtic trivia.

The magazine was approved during Jock Stein’s first attendance at a board meeting, and has been published weekly ever since.

Celtic legend Jock Stein watches as Go Ahead Eagles take on Celtic on September 29, 1965 at the Adelaarshorst stadium in Deventer, The Netherlands. / (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

A future for the Celtic View?

Of course, the View has had its fair share of critics. Still, it’s a vital read for much of the Celtic faithful. Last month, the magazine revealed Bob Marley’s affection for the Hoops, for example. The View is still a good read, with the magazine obviously boasting access to the club, staff and players old and current.

However, the media landscape was already pretty bleak for football magazines (Independent). The club have adapted to the marketplace by offering an online version. Perhaps, though, that isn’t enough to keep the magazine going.

We certainly hope that the club can keep the View in circulation, and that this is indeed a temporary halting of publication. Certainly, fan media is a fertile ground for debate, comment and analysis. That said, there’s undoubtedly a place for the Celtic View.