Celtic youngster Liam Shaw names preferred position, but will play "anywhere"

By Euan Davidson

July 9, 2021

Celtic youngster Liam Shaw has named his preferred spot on the pitch, but insists he’ll play “anywhere”.

The former Sheffield Wednesday midfielder played in a variety of roles for the Owls. That’s something he’s fine with doing again. However, he’s well aware of where his strengths lie.

Impressive against his old team, Shaw showed real energy. He seemed to start the game as centre-back, or at least a defensive anchor. But truthfully, he ended up playing absolutely everywhere. He was across the midfield, helping to break up play, showing neat touches and contributing to swift passing moves.

Shaw said [via Daily Record]:

“That’s my best position, No8. I am a box-to-box midfielder.

“But I will play anywhere as long as I’m playing. I can play centre back and the holding role.

“That is one of my qualities I would say, arriving into the box late, showing that I can score, creating different types of mayhem round the box. I like being in and around the box scoring goals.”

While it’s too early to suggest Shaw will be a starter, it’s hard not to imagine him making a sizeable contribution in 21-22. Under Ange Postecoglou, he’ll have positional freedom to venture across the park, while filling in as either a defender or a kind of anchor when needs be.

It’s a work ethic which gives Celtic options; Shaw can be involved in attacking play, or be brought on for bite in midfield or defence, to help keep a result safe. Needs will dictate how Shaw gets used, but it’s been all positive so far.

Celtic youngster Liam Shaw is loving life with Ange Postecoglou

Shaw signed under strange circumstances for Celtic. With a contract agreed while Celtic didn’t actually have a permanent manager, the midfielder’s move was initially controversial. Sheffield Wednesday stated a desire to “investigate” the transfer [SWFC].

The circumstances he signed in, and those he arrived in, are markedly different. However, they’re different in a very positive way. Now, Celtic have an exciting manager in Ange Postecoglou, and Shaw appears to be thriving under the Greek-Aussie boss’ direction.

Photo by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

Shaw continued [Daily Record]:

“Ange is a good manager. I respect him.

“He is trying to get his philosophies and his style across to us. It is quick attacking football, always looking forward.

“On the flipside of that, when you give the ball away he wants everyone to press quick. It is positive football. When I give the ball away I do like to press so, yeah, it suits me.

“I have got great respect for him. You can see he is a good man manager.

“I am sure he can help develop me, help all the team, help all the different players. I am just really happy to be working with him.”

The feeling seems to be mutual. Hopefully, we’ll see the English midfielder thrive under the new boss, with both parties seeming perfect for each other. Shaw seems to have that same ferocity as Postecoglou, in terms of playing with passion and desiring the ball at all costs.

There’s plenty of pre-season left. Celtic play Charlton Athletic tomorrow, and the smart money would be on Shaw playing a pivotal role again.

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