Hatem Elhamed’s message regarding the ongoing health crisis is one that we can all get behind.

The Celtic defender has chosen to take the route of being philosophical about the ongoing disease. With 171 reported cases of the infection in Scotland (BBC), things look like they’re going to get a lot worse before they get a lot better.

And Elhamed is hopeful that the current issues surrounding the world will help everyone become better people. That’s the message coming from a player who you just can’t help but like.


Elhamed playing in Rennes

Elhamed playing in Rennes (Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

Speaking in the Scottish Sun, here’s what Elhamed said about the current state of affairs and how it should affect the public:

“The coronavirus situation should make people better human beings. As we succeed and get to the top, we’re ultimately a very small thing in this world.

“If such a small virus paralyses the entire world and ends the economy and health, people should think carefully about what they are and who they are. You have to recalculate a trajectory and recognise that we are a very small thing in this life.

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“Something good has to come out at the end of this bad situation. People need to realise that they must relax in all their reactions. To be better human beings with free love, with compassion. This crisis must improve us as human beings.”

A fine message from a humble footballer

These comments from Elhamed really do reflect the kind of footballer he is. The Israeli has always been humble since arriving in Glasgow, and he continues to be so during times of concern and uncertainty.

You have to admire that this is Elhamed’s first thought when the possibility of a title could be snatched away from him. He doesn’t seem overly-concerned, and that’s likely because he knows how important it is to just steer away from this crisis permanently first and foremost.

Of course, it’s unlikely that his words will have any effect. The current situation probably won’t change people for the better the way we would all like. But it’s positive to see that the message has been put out there by our first-choice right-back.

Hatem Elhamed

Hatem Elhamed (Tullio Puglia – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

As for Elhamed himself, he was closing in on his first ever treble in football before the game in Scotland was suspended indefinitely. It wasn’t just a chance for him to win his first title in Scotland or to get back playing regularly again – it was an opportunity to create history.

We can only hope that he still gets the opportunity to do that as the situation around the world worsens. It’s the least he deserves after a four-month injury layoff that robbed him of making an even stronger impression on the support.

However, so long as the virus helps people become better human beings, Elhamed seems like the kind of man who would be happy with that alone.

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