Jack Hendry’s social media activity has been in the spotlight today, and it’s clear he’s seriously feeling the heat at Celtic Park.

Signed from Dundee for £1.5million 12 months ago, Hendry has been a massive letdown so far. Many supporters were skeptical about the signing to begin with, and they were right to be so.

Hendry has so far made 25 appearances for the Hoops, with an incredible eight of them coming in European competition. Inability to man-mark and consistent basic errors have grown to frustrate a Celtic support who want him to improve.

Jack Hendry hasn’t made a good impression at Celtic Park (TF-Images/Getty Images)

And that led us to today. Hendry caught wind of a supporter who called him f****** sh*** on Twitter. This wasn’t a comment sent to Hendry himself, nor was it sent to a member of his family of friends.

Yet, the Celtic defender couldn’t help but retaliate. In the post, Hendry said the following:

“Thanks for the kind words Pat. Always have nice things to say on this, you’re a top fan and supporter. Think you should look at your own life rather than abusing others. Very sad, feel sorry for you. Stay classy. Jack”

What on earth is Hendry up to?

We’ve done Hendry a bit of a service there by adding some grammar, as the post itself was more informal. But the main point is the fact that the only way he could’ve seen this is by typing his name into Twitter. Either that or he simply, somehow, came across it on his home page.

The former Dundee defender wouldn’t be replying to a comment such as this if he wasn’t under pressure. Instead, it would’ve been water off a duck’s back.

A loan move for Hendry looks likely at this point (MB Media/Getty Images)

The post itself wasn’t even abusive. It was a Celtic supporter expressing to another how poor he thought Hendry was. That’s certainly allowed, and Hendry’s reply isn’t befitting of a Celtic player.

It’s clear that the pressure is all getting a bit much for him. He’s been bashed so much by the Parkhead faithful for his poor displays, and if he’s active on social media, he’ll likely have seen a lot of it.

It’s unfair to say he’s at breaking point, but he can’t be in a great place mentally.

Rumours are rife of a loan deal out of the club until the end of the season. By the look of his social media post, that’s exactly what he needs.

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