Celtic's loan history should silence anti-Hoops conspiracy theorists after Jonathan Afolabi deal

By David Walton

September 30, 2020

It was certainly amusing to say the least, but yesterday’s anti-Celtic conspiracy theorists are missing a key point regarding Jonathan Afolabi’s loan switch to Dundee.

Yesterday, we took a look at some of the rival fans’ complaints regarding Afolabi signing for the Dees. Apparently, it was us paying back the Championship side for their vote to call the season last term. In doing so, Celtic were deservedly awarded the Premiership title.

Yet whilst we all know that to be utter fantasy stuff, I feel it’s important to lay out some of the facts here regarding this one. There are genuinely people out there who believe we’re actually returning some kind of favour by loaning Afolabi to Dens Park. They need educated.

Celtic striker Jonathan Afolabi has moved on loan to Dundee (Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

The agreement has been treated as though Afolabi is the only player to leave the club on loan this season. Well, in actual fact, there are currently a total of 10 players who have signed elsewhere. These include the likes of Vakoun Bayo, Marian Shved, and Jack Hendry just to name a few.

If we were so insistent on helping Dundee, wouldn’t we have given them the likes of Bayo or Shved? Perhaps maybe both?

Ah, wait. We’re trying to be sneaky about it, aren’t we? Can’t go giving them too many players or else it’s obvious we’re paying them back.

Are we returning favours to everyone then?

So we just give them just one. Just like we gave Dunfermline Athletic Kerr McInroy, Ross Mullen to Cove Rangers, and Ross Doohan to Ross County. We’re just paying all of them back for voting to end the season I suppose. Or is it just convenient to only highly Afolabi signing for Dundee? Might as well be selective if the bigger picture doesn’t suit your argument.

Let’s also not forget that Afolabi was given a shot in the Championship last season with Dunfermline. He only managed six games before the pandemic struck and we could no longer play.

Celtic made a call last season to see what he could produce in Scotland’s second-tier. Given it was cut short, there’s nothing bizarre about the Hoops wanting to do so again this season.

Dundee have done business with Celtic in the past (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

Are we to actively avoid Dundee just because they changed their vote from a No to a Yes over the summer? They’re a club who have strengthened well ahead of the new season, and Celtic clearly felt it would be a good move for Afolabi, who will feel a lot of responsibility at Dens Park.

Celtic have always sent some of their most promising youngsters to the Championship in recent seasons. Conor Hazard, our third-choice goalkeeper, was at Dens Park before the vote to end the season was made. There’s already a positive relationship between Celtic and Dundee with regards to loan deals.

But of course, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy theory eh? After all, this was nothing but repayment of a cheeky handshake under the table this summer.

In other news, Republic of Ireland manager Stephen Kenny believes that Celtic’s summer deal can help his nation.