Charlie Nicholas laughably claims he rips into Arsenal more than Celtic; Lennon must be chuckling

By David Walton

October 13, 2020

Controversial pundit Charlie Nicholas has astonishingly claimed that he slags Arsenal off more than he does Celtic.

Hoops boss Neil Lennon stated last week that Nicholas had been “negative about the club for years” after the ex Sky Sports man had previously hit out at Celtic’s summer recruitment work (Daily Record).

Nicholas’ controversial criticism came despite the fact Celtic had managed to hold onto all of their best players whilst adding depth to the positions they needed to.

Neil Lennon did tremendous work over the summer / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

But the former Celtic and Arsenal striker has been at it again this week. Speaking in his Daily Express column (print edition, 13/10, page 56), Nicholas hit out at Lennon whilst incredibly stating that he’s given it tight to the Gunners a lot more than he has the Hoops.

“It was a shambolic attempt by Neil to have a go by saying I would not be happy if we signed Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, I have been slagging Celtic for years but so have most other pundits worth their salt, while we all know who their glove puppet pundits are!

“Over the years, it has been the same for my other former club, Arsenal. Arsenal have got it far worse than Celtic through the years. I don’t get any kickback from Arsenal.

“Neil has tried to get back at me by playing the old card, Charlie is the negative man of Celtic and I should show more respect! You play well and get the results, then you – and Celtic – will get total respect from me.”

Embarrassing stuff

You can understand the negativity if we had been going through poor moments over the last few years. However, Celtic haven’t let a domestic trophy slip since 2016. In addition to that, we’ve managed to make inroads in Europe and top a Europa League group stage for the first time ever.

What does Charlie honestly want from this Celtic team? For them to simply never lose a game ever again? Have we to continuously win with absolutely no room for error both domestically and in Europe? It feels at times as though that’s what it takes for him to genuinely give the club some credit.

If you think back to all of Nicholas’ columns over the years and his statements on Sky Sports – can you honestly remember a time when he was genuinely all positive about the club? It’s the negative ones that stand out.

Celtic made some shrewd signings in the summer / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

You can’t just say that slagging off Celtic makes a pundit worth their salt, as Nicholas does here. By all means point out potential frailties and places where the club has gone wrong – but in an era of total domestic dominance and progression in Europe – it should be overshadowed by glowing remarks.

And by the way, we’re not saying that Nicholas doesn’t have a go at Arsenal. Fans of the Premier League club would be a lot better placed than us to inform us of that. But the fact is that the atmosphere at both clubs couldn’t have been different over the years. The Gunners have gone from one catastrophe to another over the last five campaigns, whilst Celtic have been dominating. There’s a lot more to complain about with regards to the London club.

Neil Lennon will be bursting out laughing at the idea he has more pops at Arsenal than he does Celtic. Fans have been frustrated with Nicholas for years, and it’s not difficult to put your finger on why.

In truth, Charlie shouldn’t have been surprised by this response from the Celtic manager. We’re all getting totally tired with his negativity, and he really should take a long hard look about how he speaks about his former club.

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