Charlie Nicholas slams rivals for treatment of former Celtic duo

By David Walton

September 21, 2021

Former Celtic striker Charlie Nicholas has slammed Rangers and labelled them “spoiled little brats” for their treatment of Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon last week.

The Ibrox club refused entry to the former Hoops duo as they deemed them a “security risk”. It’s something that’s seen the Govan side be widely condemned around Scottish football for.

BT Sport have also hinted that they may have to change their plans for future Rangers coverage. This could see them cover games involving Steven Gerrard’s side from an empty Celtic Park [Daily Record].

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And the hammering of the Ibrox club still isn’t dying down. Nicholas is the latest to have a major blow at their operations as he called out Gerrard and Managing Director Stewart Robertson.

Speaking via his Scottish Daily Express column [print edition, 21/09, page 53], Nicholas said: “Steven Gerrard said when Rangers won the Premiership title last season his club would stay humble. Well, they’ve failed. There’s not one single ounce of humility in that Ibrox boardroom right now. Rangers are coming across like spoiled little brats and their behaviour has been an absolute embarrassment.

“Last week ex-Celtic men Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton were denied the chance to broadcast from inside Ibrox because the BT Sports pundits were deemed a ‘security risk’. This pathetic excuse comes hot on the heels of Rangers wanting money from the mainstream media to cover games and press conferences at Ibrox. Honestly, Rangers’ behaviour is now becoming so embarrassing to the SPFL.

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The honeymoon period is over – but there’s no reason for Celtic to panic
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“If Rangers want to fight everybody, then every other club should band together and confront them. It’s as if they don’t want to make our game better, but are more than happy to insist the authorities have sold it short. It is the strongest the top league has been in a long time but it looks like Rangers want to choke it. They can’t be allowed to take other clubs down a road that’s going to make everything so much worse.”

Celtic rivals facing major off-field pressure for ridiculous decisions

It’s difficult to remember a period when Rangers were under more pressure off the pitch than they are this season. There’s something rotten about how they’re doing business, and the decision to lock out two ex-Celtic players just about sums it up.

What Robertson meant when he locked out Sutton and Lennon was that he couldn’t control his own supporters. That he was worried certain songs would be sung that would get his club into trouble. Yet by labelling both a “security risk”, it almost shifts the blame onto them.

But to be honest, can you honestly say this is a surprise? Rangers have been operating in a self-entitled manner for as long as you can remember. For whatever reason, they keep doing their best to create a siege mentality when there’s little need for it.

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Whether it be their Cinch dispute, their constant disputes with the SPFL, the denial of entry to Celtic fans at Ibrox, or this latest piece of nonsense with Sutton and Lennon – they’re giving themselves quite the track record.

For casual observers, it comes across as bigoted. Why else deny two ex Celtic men the right to do their jobs? Especially when they’ve been to Ibrox consistently in the past as pundits.

It’s great to see Rangers continue to get hammered by pundits. Even though many Celtic fans seldom agree with Nicholas, you can’t disagree with him here.

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