Cheeky Celtic fans jokingly ask club to sign Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos

By Euan Davidson

June 16, 2021

Celtic fans love patter, perhaps more than any support in the world, and so when news emerged about Sergio Ramos, you can imagine what happened next.

Now, before anyone misinterprets this, nobody is seriously suggesting the 4-time Champions League winner will be moving to Paradise. Swapping Madrid for Glasgow is a move only for the real ballers, namely Thomas Gravesen [BBC].

A 5-time La Liga winner, who also has two European Championships and a World Cup to his name, it’s fair to say Sergio Ramos has done alright for himself. A long-standing Real Madrid player, Ramos joined from Sevilla in 2005, and got sent off on his debut. Since then, though, he’s picked up trophies for fun, at club and international level.

In truth, he’s seen red more times than a Matador [ESPN]. Could he keep his composure on a rainy night against St Mirren? Or on a plastic pitch in Livingston? The truth is – and I can’t emphasise this enough – we will never, ever know.

However, he’s on his way out of the Santiago Bernabeu. According to the Mirror, Ramos will hold a press conference alongside Florentino Perez tomorrow, which should be interesting.

So, inevitably, when news broke, Celtic fans were immediately making light of Ramos’ plight. Of course, we should always aim high but a 35-year-old on astronomical wages probably isn’t the move.

“I’ve always wanted to play for Celtic” – Sergio Ramos c. Never / (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)

“Welcome to Paradise”; Celtic jokesters on Twitter get working on charm offensive

Given that Twitter is normally a hole, where nuance and debate go to die, it was nice seeing Celtic supporters firing off the jokes once again.

Because if Celtic fans are anything, they’re witty.

Here are a collection of very sarcastic, or incredibly ambitious reactions:

It’s all good fun, isn’t it?

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