Chris Davies has today confirmed that Andrew Gutman’s loan deal will happen, but just not to Nashville.

The USA left-back was signed by the Hoops on transfer deadline-day. He was announced as a double-signing alongside fellow American Manny Perez.

Yet, the plan for both men was to head back to the States on loan deals until the end of the campaign. Everything worked out fine for Perez, who’s on-loan at North Carolina, but Gutman’s deal was cancelled as it was blocked by the MLS.

Andrew Gutman will leave the club after all (Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Fortunately, however, Davies today revealed Celtic have a plan in place for him. Speaking in the Daily Record today, Davies opened up on another possible loan deal for him.

“He will be coming back here and probably be going back on loan. We will look at a different loan option that will suit Andrew.”

A loan move in Scotland would make sense

Celtic’s decision to send Gutman back to the USA seemed to be a good one. But the MLS’ decision to block it certainly seems odd given the green light was awarded to Perez.

Now, however, the best move would be to send the Hermann Trophy winner to another club in Scotland.

Celtic supporters would be able to see just how Gutman fares against opposition at a higher level than in the USA. It also gives the club some clarification on the level he’s at against sides Celtic know all about.

Brendan Rodgers and Chris Davies look like sending Gutman back on loan (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

At 22-years of age, he’s at an age where he should be playing regularly at a good club. Getting him out of his United States comfort zone seems lie the right option now.

It’s also important that Gutman himself gets used to the Scottish game. It’s likely to be a lot more physical than the college football he’s been playing over the Atlantic. The sooner he’s adjusted to life in Scotland, the sooner he can make a positive impact at Celtic.

But it’s good to have some clarification on what’s happening with Gutman. He’s been hard done by by his loan being cut off, and deserves a chance to showcase his skill elsewhere.

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