Chris Sutton has absolutely ripped into Celtic rivals today

By David Walton

September 18, 2021

Celtic great Chris Sutton has let rip at Rangers in his Saturday Daily Record column this morning.

Sutton has been left furious with the petty Ibrox club after they refused to allow himself and Neil Lennon entry into Ibrox for Thursday night’s BT Europa League coverage.

This led to the TV broadcasters having to change their plans. The Rangers and Celtic matches were instead being hosted by the station’s London base.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Sutton tweeted at the time that managing director Stewart Robertson informed him that they were both deemed security risks. And today, he’s torn into the Ibrox club for how they’ve handled the entire situation.

Speaking via his Record column, Sutton said: “To me it just looks like Rangers have gone full Trump these days. It turns out their groundbreaking diversity and inclusion programme ‘Everyone Anyone’ doesn’t apply to former Celtic players. It’s just ridiculous.

“Where was the risk? Was it caused by two former Celtic players working as pundits at Ibrox as they have done on many occasions – or was Stewart Robertson questioning the behaviour of his own club’s supporters? I know there was talk about anti-discrimination group FARE being in the stands, so was Robertson concerned there might have been some reaction to us that could have got them in to trouble? If that’s the case it says more about Rangers than it does about us.

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“What does it say about Lennon? They don’t like him as a former Celtic manager who might have upset them from time to time. If they’re saying he’s a security risk now, what happens if he comes back as a manager of another Scottish team? Will they not be able to guarantee his safety then? That’s mind-blowing. But what if it’s not about this so-called security risk? What if it’s just because they don’t want anyone into Ibrox who isn’t prepared to just say nice things about them? That’s even more ridiculous.”

Chris Sutton has every right to tear into Rangers after shocking Thursday treatment

Fair play to Sutton. He has every right to publish his disgust with how the Ibrox club treated him during the week. It was a disgrace of mind-boggling proportions.

It doesn’t sound as though Sutton and Lennon were given much more detail than to say they were a “security risk”. Questions should be answered as to in what way both men were left deemed a risk.

Why isn’t it that two former Celtic players turned pundits can’t simply turn up at Ibrox and do their broadcasting duties? You don’t hear about this nonsense anywhere else. If there was one club in professional football you could imagine hitting out with this nonsense, it would of course be Rangers.

Photo by Bruce White/SNS Group via Getty Images

This is something that needs dealt with by the proper authorities. Could you honestly blame BT, for example, if they report this to UEFA? It seems at face value as if the Ibrox club is simply admitting that they can’t control their own supporters.

It’s an incredibly petty move. As Sutton has explained, there was a format in which the night could’ve been carried out without having him come face to face with Rangers supporters. Of course the Ibrox club and BT will have known that in the first place – it’s not as if this was his first trip to Ibrox as a pundit.

Incredibly poor stuff from our rivals. And at a time too when they’re trying to push a diversity promoting “Everyone Anyone” campaign. They ought to be ashamed of themselves and start looking internally after Thursday night.

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