Chris Sutton raises head injury concerns after Jeremie Frimpong goes down during Celtic vs Lille

By John McGinley

December 10, 2020

Chris Sutton has urged football clubs and football authorities to take head injuries more seriously after Jeremie Frimpong crashed into the advertising boards during the first half of Celtic vs Lille tonight.

The Dutch youth international tussling for the ball when he slid into the Main Stand side of Celtic Park, appearing to hurt his head and back area.

Neil Lennon showed serious concern for his player, rushing up from the dugout to check on his status.

Typically of the youngster, he soon bounced up to show his usual energy, but Sutton reckons it’s an example of football not taking concussion protocol and head injuries seriously.

He said, on Twitter: “Jeremie Frimpong smashes his head off the advertising boards at the side of the pitch. Sickening crash. Within a minute or two he’s up and back on the pitch after a quick check.

“When is football going to take blows to the head seriously and players to get checked out properly.”

Sutton knows what he is talking about on this issue. He’s long been a campaigner to raise awareness of the link between football and dementia, a condition his father suffers from (The Daily Mail).

There are increasing calls for authorities to institute more stringent checks after head collisions and injuries on the pitch, as a player can appear fine while suffering from a problem that could have serious consequences in the short and long-term.

That’s not to say this is what Frimpong is going through currently of course.

Jeremie Frimpong in action for Celtic vs Lille / (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The youngster would eventually win a penalty later in the first half.

He had to be substituted off for Euan Henderson due to an unrelated injury reason, as far as we know right now.

It’ll be interesting to see if Sutton talks more about this wider debate and issue on tonight’s BT Sport broadcast.