Chris Sutton has torn into Robbie Savage in a brilliant Twitter video released today.

The Sportsman’s official Twitter page put up a video of the Celtic legend reacting to Scottish banter from the popular social media site. In typical Sutton fashion, he was in great form with some of his responses.

But his reaction to one post about Savage knowing nothing about Scottish football certainly caught the eye. You can watch the video below:

For those who perhaps can’t view or hear the video for whatever reason, Sutton’s response to a fan telling Savage to be quiet was the following:



“Spot on. Robbie Savage you know nothing about Scottish football. You’ve never even been to Ibrox Rob, have you? You know nothing.

“Keep it quiet. Keep your mouth shut on Scottish football Rob.”

Savage simply at the wind-up

A quick amen to that will be most Celtic supporter’s views. Savage has often liked to think of himself as BT’s resident Rangers supporter, and it comes across as if he behaves like it simply to wind up Sutton.

It’s all fun and games in truth, but some of Savage’s remarks about Celtic in the past have been disrespectful. He said earlier this season that Celtic shouldn’t be anywhere near a revamped European League. Instead, he believes Rangers should’ve been in it.

Robbie Savage has enjoyed getting stuck into Celtic in the past (Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images)

Savage has also come out with put-downs for the Hoops in the past. He consistently likes to badger Sutton whenever Celtic don’t win a game in what’s becoming a tedious trend.

Therefore, it’s always nice to see big Sutton putting the likes of Savage in his place. There’s been a growing relationship between the pair on BT in recent years. When it comes to Scottish football, however, Sutton has Savage well beaten.

And if you love watching the ex-Hoops striker’s style of punditry, you’ll love this video with the Sportsman. We can’t encourage you enough to give it a watch.

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