Class image of potential new Adidas Celtic top emerges on social media; it's a belter

By John McGinley

March 20, 2021

An image has emerged on social media of a new Adidas Celtic top.

The picture was posted to Twitter this morning and is already being widely circulated amongst supporters.

It’s unclear whether this is a leak of next year’s away kit, a training top or simply a fake mock-up.

If you’re wondering why it only has two stripes, if you look closely that’s due to the fold of the fabric.

Whatever it is, it’s a belter.

For what it’s worth, I had already heard rumours that next year’s away kit would be a dark green colour, and this obviously ties into that.

The Adidas gear released by the sportswear manufacturer this season has proven to be a massive hit with supporters. The club reported record training merchandise sales last summer.

The replica kits have been some of the best for ages and if this new image is legit then we can look forward to the same next season too.

Celtic and Adidas are enjoying a lucrative partnership / (LUKAS BARTH/AFP via Getty Images)

Typically new kits aren’t released until the summer but clubs finalise their plans and designs well in advance of that, so it’s not outwith the realms of possibility that this is a leak.

Supporters are loving the picture so far, so if it’s not real, Adidas might do well to go for a similar design in future!

In other news, Celtic have important lessons to learn from this week’s Europa League action.